New Feature: MailSync Email Integration



Due to popular demand, our development team has been working extremely hard for the past few months to bring you an easier and faster email integration, MailSync!

  1. No more need to sift through hundreds of labels to find the email you want to sync.
  2. Virtually no setup needed, it works instantly.
  3. You now get an assigned and unique email address for every contact and matter in PracticePanther.
  4. Simply BCC that email address and it will automatically go into the contact or matter in PracticePanther for you.
  5. Emails that are BCCed to PracticePanther using MailSync will also include attachments! So you can now download all of your email attachments and have another place to back them up, directly to PracticePanther.
  6. Clicking on an email address in PracticePanther will automatically open up your email program on your computer (Gmail, Outlook, etc…) and compose an email with their email and the BCC address for you automatically.
  7. You can also go to any contact or matter, go to the activities tab, click the MailSync button, and click the vCard button to add the vCard with their information directly to Outlook or the email program of your choice.
  8. Instead of waiting hours for your emails to appear in PracticePanther, MailSync shows them within minutes!

Click here to try it now.


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