New Design and Interface for 2017!

We’re excited to announce the beautiful re-design of PracticePanther coming this weekend! The colors are simplified, and the pages are easier to navigate. All features and functionality are the same, just easier to use!

Click images below to enlarge:

1. New header menu

We’ve freed up more space by replacing the left sidebar with a top header menu. Enjoy more room to focus on the important details of your firm.



2. New “Trust” and “Paid” boxes

Instead of 1 box showing how much money was paid per contact or matter, there are now 2 boxes showing the total paid to your operating and trust accounts.



3. Moved Action buttons to the top right of each page

We’ve moved our Action and New buttons to the top right of each page.



4. Updated mobile apps

The new design and updates will immediately be available across all mobile apps including iPhone, iPad, and Android.


5. Matters page

We added another default column to show your Trust and Operating balances for each matter. If the operating balance is negative, your client owes you money from invoices.



6. Calendar

We moved the New buttons to the top right, and changed the icon for the filter.



7. Activities

The New button has moved to the top right, the columns were cleaned up, and it’s easier to choose which columns you want to show by clicking the new “Choose Columns” button.



8. Time Entries

The colored status labels make it easier to see which time entries still have not been billed for, and which invoices other time entries were already billed on.

7-Time Entries


9. New Contact

We’ve added boxes around each field to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, and you can now tab with your keyboard to go to the next box!

8-New Contact


10. New Matter

We’ve separated this page into multiple sections to make it easier to navigate to the section you want to view or edit.

9-New Matter

Thank you so much for your continued love, support, and feedback!

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Law Practice Management Software