Matters Support Your Firm, So Find Software that Optimizes Your Matters Jaliz Maldonado

Matters Support Your Firm, So Find Software that Optimizes Your Matters

Matters Support Your Firm, So Find Software that Optimizes Your Matters

Your law firm runs on an array of elements, from internal operations to client acquisition and accounting. The foundational cornerstone of these many moving pieces is the matters taken on by your firm. Over the last several years, practice management software has developed with the mission of taking over the menial tasks that keep your firm running, allowing you to do what you do best: work on the matters that keep it thriving. Despite the widely held promise to take care of administrative work, your practice management software should be responsible for much more than that: it should make advocacy easier. Read on to see what key features indicate that your practice management software prioritizes your matters as much as you do.

Secure Client Portal

Secure, easy communication is key as you advocate for your clients. Take care to invest in a practice management solution that offers an encrypted client portal through which you can share deadlines, tasks, documents, and messages with your clients. Make sure this portal features 256-bit encryption, which is the same security level utilized by banks and online credit card processors, to virtually eliminate the chance of an unwanted pair of eyes on your client interactions. When it comes to preserving the integrity of your matters and communication, a secure client portal is nonnegotiable.

Custom Fields

No two matters, or clients, are alike, which is why it’s crucial that your practice management software is equipped with intuitive customization features. Your contacts and matters support the operations of your firm, and your software owes it to them to be as comprehensive and detailed as possible in storing distinct information. Make sure your practice management software offers custom fields for every contact and matter, so that you may include any relevant information without limit.


An extremely underrated tool among practice management solution is the tag. Tags enable you to organize the information, documents, contacts, and matters within your software by common categories, making all of the data within a specific category accessible in one easy search. This makes the process of finding any necessary documents or information associated with a particular matter altogether simple. For instance, you could tag all documents associated with Smith v. Jones as “Smith v. Jones.” Upon searching for that term in your practice management software, a list of all tagged documents, contacts, and other tools should appear instantaneously. Tags allow you to be thorough and efficient in your organization, lending themselves to quality advocacy with minimal effort.

Matters support your firm; look for tools that support your matters

When we say that matters support your firm, we mean that they are the foundation upon which the practice of law is built. Your practice management software should take care of all of the menial tasks that prevent you from focusing directly on your matters. Just as importantly, it should support you with an array of automation tools geared towards facilitating your work on the matters themselves. Stay attentive to these features as you shop for practice management software, and you’ll be sure to find the best solution for your matters.



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