Features Abound in PracticePanther's Massive Update

Features Abound in PracticePanther’s Massive Update

Features Abound in PracticePanther's Massive Update

The law is both fluid and flexible, and attorneys must master its ceaseless iterations in order to remain at the top of their game. It follows, then, that the software used by attorneys to streamline and automate their practices remain even farther ahead of the game. Law practice management software cannot remain either stagnant or even steady. It must anticipate the needs of its users, working to release features that solve problems before they even arise.

With this in mind, PracticePanther maintains a continuous objective to release new features and updates based on the needs communicated or demonstrated by their clients. This commitment to evolution is the norm for the highest-rated practice management software in the world, but PracticePanther’s latest developments supersede what was already an astronomical commitment to innovation. This week, PracticePanther has released a series of extraordinary features set to maximize its clients’ efficiency more than ever before:

1. Flat fee billing

This feature allows attorneys to log individual or multiple flat fee services on their cases and bill for them afterward, and it serves four primary purposes for law firm automation. These are to allow legal professionals to log and review their flat fee services upon as they work (rather than waiting until the billing stage to review all charges); to log discounts prior to generating invoices, then apply them to invoices when needed; to track and review the amount of discounts distributed by their firm throughout a given time period; and to select a billing attorney per flat fee, thereby making monthly, quarterly, or yearly revenue reporting considerably more comprehensive.

2. Multiple invoice templates

Among the latest billing developments released by PracticePanther is custom invoice template generation. This allows attorneys to build their firms’ invoices to their liking – in as many forms and quantities as they need. This allows for firms containing various practice areas to generate invoice templates which accommodate the specific needs of the clients within each area. The software also provides a Default invoice, which may be customized according to the most common needs of a firm.

3. Gmail plug-in

The sophisticated Gmail add-on released by PracticePanther allows for a wide array of tasks to be completed on PracticePanther from within a user’s inbox. These tasks include adding contacts, searching for existing contacts, and saving important emails in PracticePanther without having to venture out of the Gmail inbox

4. Auto-suggest users

This development minimizes both error and time-wasting when it comes to assigning attorneys to tasks within a matter. PracticePanther makes suggestions for the assignment of tasks based on which attorney or paralegal is assigned to the associated matter. All an administrator needs to do is click on an attorney’s name to add them to the participants list on the task.

5. IP address restriction

Among the most sophisticated security features released by PracticePanther in months, this allows for administrators to control the physical location used by a firm’s employees to access PracticePanther. This prevents users from accessing the sensitive information stored in the software from unsecured networks, like their home WiFi. Of course, administrators are welcome to allow certain users to have access from multiple locations, like a second office or courthouse.

6. Lawmatics integration

The recently announced Lawmatics-PracticePanther integration is set to revolutionize the intake process of any law firm. To learn more about this exciting development, be sure to check out the dedicated article in our Help center.


PracticePanther’s commitment to continual improvement is demonstrated by its distinguished dedication to consistent features updates. This inclination towards innovation has culminated in a series of feature updates that render the software more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly than ever.

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