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Legal Trust Accounting Software for Lawyers, Firms, and Practices


Legal Trust Accounting Software for Lawyers, Firms, and Practices

What do organized and efficient lawyers have that other lawyers don’t? Loyal, paying, and returning clients. With PracticePanther, you can become part of the elite. No, these lawyers are not magicians, they just simply use a legal practice software like that of PracticePanther! It’s a gift to the universe, really. We recently discussed how you can find the best software for lawyers – with PracticePanther, you can become the most organized and efficient you have ever been! How, you ask? With the tools we provide you with of course.

These tools include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Time Tracking
  • Legal Trust Accounting Software for Lawyers, Firms, and Practices
  • Legal Case Management
  • Invoice & Billing
  • Calendar Input
  • Legal Document Software
  • Award-Winning panther fast support
  • Extremely fast server
  • 256-bit military encryption security


Without any of these tools, a software for lawyers really will not do the trick. But with PracticePanther, you will happily forget the days of  headaches and piles of paper stacked on your desk.


Legal Trust Accounting

One of the most valued tools for lawyers is our legal trust accounting software for lawyers, firms, and practices, and our time tracking tool as well. This will let you track the time you have been spending with each client and how much of the retainer you still have remaining.

The, without a doubt, most stressful thing to take into consideration is how the client is going to pay you, and not having to worry about if you are going to get paid!

Sounds silly, but this is a huge issue with lawyers as you probably already know. No one wants to be spending all of their time on a client who is just going to back out and say “you didn’t help me enough” or you “didn’t live up to the standard I had for you”. We know you work hard and cannot win every case you are given, but working for free, regardless of the circumstances, should never happen.

However, if you are receiving retainers from clients, you will not have this issue. And PracticePanther will be your savior. All you have to do is input the retainer you have for each client, and it will show the amount of money each client has left when you are constantly tracking your time with them. The Time Tracking tool works in conjunction with this and it will really help you out when you are trying to figure out how much time you have before you need to request another retainer. (Just another way we keep you organized and on top of your clients!)


At PracticePanther, we know we have the best software for attorneys with the most trusted legal trust accounting software for lawyers, firms, and practices. We can help you become an organized, efficient lawyer while also helping you keep track of your time and money! A dream come true for lawyers who have dealt with nonpaying clients all around the world.


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