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Legal Document Management Software for Mac & PC


Legal Document Management Software for Mac & PC

One of the most convenient things to have on hand is the ability to securely store and share legal documents within seconds with your staff or paralegals in your law firm. Instead of searching your file cabinet endlessly for paper documents and files, you can simple attach them as PDFs or scan them into your computer with a scanner. Increase productivity by quickly being able to search online for any legal document or file needed. Organize case information and matters neatly in their corresponding digital folder that links to your case, matter, or client. Have instant access to your documents 24/7 in the cloud and access them anytime from your Mac, PC, smartphone, or tablet.


What is PracticePanther?

The all-in-one, easiest to use legal document management software on the market, with the ability to share legal documents! Utilizing any form of doc management will be a huge time saver; just imagine, being able to scan a document one time onto the computer and having it securely & available to you and others who you may want to share it with, like your paralegal and even your clients.

There is nothing more important than knowing all the time you are putting into your job is being used properly and efficiently. With PracticePanther, we have many tools that help you do so (including legal trust accounting).


No Server Needed

You don’t need to maintain an expensive server anymore. Everything will be securely stored for you online, in the cloud. You can block access from certain staff members, lawyers, or paralegals in your office or law firm from viewing certain documents. Or you can allow your clients access to view certain documents you select by sending them a special link only when you activate that feature.


Secure Document Management

When it comes to PracticePanther, you never have to worry about your information, or your clients’ information, not being safe. With our 128-bit military grade encryption, all of your legal documents and saved information will never be in jeopardy. And unlike competing legal document management programs, it’s finally easy to use! We pride ourselves on being intuitive, user friendly, and secure.


Stay Organized

PracticePanther will solve all of your organization and legal document management sharing issues. One of the most common complaints is that lawyers cannot seem to stay organized. It always seems to be in a minute’s notice that you need all of your information right in front of you. Well with PracticePanther, we save all of your client’s information as well as any documents relating to them all in the same place. This means you can just type in your client’s name and everything about them and their case will automatically pop up. Pretty cool, right? Well, this was no miracle. We specifically designed it this way with you in mind. We know nothing is better than the feeling of organization and being on your feet when a surprise phone call comes your way.


7 Day Free Trial. No credit card needed. Cancel anytime.

Thanks for stopping by and congratulations on being one step closer to your most organized and efficient self! Check out our free trial if you’re interested. We want to show you what the fuss is all about. Staying organized and efficient is just a click away.

Questions? Take our tourcontact us, or check our out tips for choosing and online legal software for lawyers.


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