Legal Case Management Software Online for Lawyers



Legal Case Management Software Online for Lawyers


Lawyers. Without you, our legal system would be in shambles. People would have no idea if they’ve been wronged, and if so, how to make things right again. Lawyers look out for the average citizen. But who looks out for the lawyers, making sure their businesses run efficiently and smoothly?


That’s where legal case management software for lawyers comes in. Lawyers can use software to organize their business, keep track of clients’ ongoing cases, bill for hours worked, and more. No longer do you need to keep thousands of sticky notes on a bulletin board in your office. Throw away your giant manila folders overflowing with documents.  Smash your stopwatches with that gavel.  Welcome to the future.


But do I really need a software?

Good question and I’m glad you asked! Some of you may have the following concerns and it’s completely normal:

  • Ease of training and use
  • Cost of implementation and support
  • Compatibility with variety of devices
  • Security



Why use one?

  • Keep track of complicated cases with a plethora of related documents
  • Secure information from theft and loss
  • Time tracker automatically keeps track of time spent on a particular client
  • Billing is easy!



Tips for picking the best legal case management software:

Okay, the truth comes out. You’re in need of good legal case management software. Where do you go from here? Don’t throw the book at the problem…ask the experts! We’ve included a list of features to look for in your future software:

  • Ease of training and use
  • Multiple users with different access levels
  • Built-in CRM to manage clients
  • Calendar syncing with Outlook, Apple Mail, iOS, or your preferred calendar
  • Time tracking
  • Easy billing and payment processing
  • Cloud-based for security and accessibility
  • Can it grow with me?


I would recommend a subscription-based pricing model of cloud-based software.  This way, there is no large upfront cost for software and hardware, updates are included, your data is secure, and you can access your information on the go. You can always upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime as well in most cases. Ask any lawyer and firm that has a server in their closet and they would have wished they made a better decision many years earlier.


Choosing your legal case management software

There are tons of programs available out there, so choose carefully. Use our tips and suggestions, or feel free to do your own interrogation and research.  Our jury already reached a verdict, though, and we feel that our is the best option out there.

Give it a test drive and let us know what you think: Start Your Free Trial



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