How Lawyers Can Design Business Cards For Their Law Firm


How Lawyers Can Design Business Cards For Their Law Firm

Business cards are usually the very first impression for your brand and your law practice. When you give your business card to a prospect, its very crucial and important that you do this right and you spend time on it. In this lesson, you will learn how to create your very own professionally designed business cards and to truly make a wow impression.

Links discussed in the video:

1. – Affordable but lower quality designs.

2. – Find a business card template.

3. – Find a business card designer.

4. – Get multiple designers to work on your card.

5. – Very affordable site to order cards from.

6. – Another decent option for ordering.

7. – One of the best, highest-end cards you can order. Go for the Luxe cards!

Video Script:

Today I’m going to teach you how to create your own professionally looking and professionally designed business cards to make a wow impression when you first hand it to someone. Business cards are usually the first impression and you, your branding, your marketing, your company, whenever you hand it to someone. So it’s very crucial and important that you do this right and you spend time on it. I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve gotten their business cards and I clearly noticed that didn’t spend any time about it, they didn’t care about it. So how does that makes me think about them? It makes me think that they’re not professional and don’t take the time to put in the effort and energy to do something nice and professional. Maybe they won’t be as professional in dealing with me with their services. So take the time and it really will pay off. Trust me on this one.


Alright! In today’s video I’m going to teach you two things – how to design the business card and how to order and where to order the business cards from.


Designing a card is actually a lot easier than you might think. You’re not going to do design yourself so don’t worry. We’re going to outsource this but it’s very simple. There are four different websites you could choose. And I’m going to start it off in order of cheapest to most expensive.


The cheapest, obviously, we always talk about, it’s Someone can design your card for under $5. It’s too good to be true almost because generally it is. You don’t get what paid for $5. I normally wouldn’t recommend it.


Number two, you can go to website called This is what I personally recommend. On this website (the link will be down below on the video) they have really nice, professional looking business card designs and templates. And you could buy one for normally under $15. A beautiful template already designed for you. All you normally just do is just replace and change the texts around which you could do yourself or you can give it to someone that we’ll talk about in step 2.


The next website is, where a designer, you could look for a business card designer. They will design the business card for you. And that’s a lot more work for you because a lot more back and forth to the designer and a lot more customize. Now if you are ordering or you find a template that you like, you should go to to find a designer who can fix it for you and design it based on what you want to do.


Lastly, there is the most expensive option which is and for a few hundred dollars, it is quite pricey. You can get many different designers to work on your business card and give you may different variations so you’ll get a lot of ideas. This is for people who are crazy creative that what you guys really want. A lot of different options, you want the best business card, the most customized, and then go to


Okay. Once you have your design done, you need to order the business card and you could have the nicest looking card but if it isn’t printed properly, it’s going to lose all effect. So they are three different options I’m going to tell you about.


The first option, the most affordable is (the link will be below). This is the cheapest of all the other options. They’re starting to increase their professionalism, I guess by offering thicker card stocks with better thicker cards, different options, so check them out. They also have the option to get free cards so you just pay for shipping and handling. I don’t recommend it because it’s super cheap cards, only one-sided and the other side normally says “this is a free card”. So, not good. Try to avoid that. Spend some money, you know, $20/$40. That all it really cost.


Option 2. This is an option that I like a lot, They’re known for shipping really quickly, you can get it overnight. I will cost you a lot of money if you do need it. In the recent years, I found their quality is actually decrease, I’m not too happy about. The previous orders have not been so good for me but you can check them out also. They’re normally thicker card stock.


And then now, the website that I love and use every single time now that I have to order cards is They are the best. They are the more expensive ones. Hey offer really great card stock, great printing quality. You’re not going to get cards that are cut wrong like in any companies. And my favorite cards are what they call The Lux Cards. It’s their thickest card stocks today and it’s really nice I when I normally hand someone a card, they start thinking “wow, you gave me two cards”, but no, it’s actually one card. It’s that thick and they loved it. They’re always impressed by The Lux Cards. Okay. Really important, whenever you’re ordering, if you choose ordering from overnightprints, moo or vista. Wherever you’re ordering from, every single website has different templates. So if you get a card design first, you would then out that into the template next and it could be a little bit tricky. So what I normally recommend is actually backwards. Find a site that you want to use first, get their template that you want to use. They have a Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator template then find your designer and give them that template and say “I have to design my business card according to this specs. Please design it for me according to these specs”, and all they’re going to do is give you one file back – the template file that is perfectly designed for that website that’s going to order from and all you have to do now is upload that template, order the cards and you’re good to go. That’s it. Alright, another cool thing is once you design one template it’s easy enough where you can create multiple variations for other employees in your company or go back to, hire that designer and tell them “I just need a quick change”, change the name and title and phone number, and that’s it for another employee. Give him 5 bucks, ten bucks for each change. That’s all you need to pace. Really quick 30 second changes for them. They’ll be more than happy to do it for you.


Alright! So that’s it for today. Good luck and if you do get your card’s design, let us know in the comments what you did and how you have them designed. Alright! Enjoy, guys! Take care.

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