How Lawyers Convert More Leads Into Sales From Their Websites


How Lawyers Convert More Leads Into Sales From Their Websites

Learn the 3 Fool-Proof ways of getting more leads to your site starting today. These tips are super simple to implement and will help you convert more leads from your site and make more money for you right away.

Links discussed in the video:

1. – Live chat with automated messages.

2.   OVC Chat – Live website chat with an agent always online taking leads.

3.   How to make your phone number clickable on mobile devices.

Video Script:

Today I’m going to teach you three foolproof ways that will help you get more leads to your site today. The first one is really important. If any of you have Google Analytics installed were you’re able to see and track how many visitors are coming to your site, you will know that majority of them will never contact you, never email or call you. So you might have, let’s say maybe 10 people day to come to your site which is 300 people a month. Out of those, do you get one lead a day to your site? If you do, that’s a 10% conversion rate and that’s pretty good. But I’m guessing you’re not getting those kind of rate so far. So number one most important thing you could do right away is add a live chat feature to your website. There are so many people coming to your site and they’re not contacting you for a reason. Don’t you want to know why they’re not contacting you? Don’t you want to know why they’re coming to your site? What they’re looking for? Maybe you can help them very informal. A lot of people are really afraid of calling you, afraid of calling businesses because you’re going to get their information, they phone number, and you’re going to solicit them and follow up with them, spam them. So they’re really afraid so you want to make it as informal as possible. If you look at our website, you’ll notice that if you’re a first time user coming to our site, a little chat box will pop up and say “hey, this is David or Amanda” whoever is working at the time “do you have any questions I can help you with?”. It’s very informal and it helps start the conversation. The software that we use is called so Zopim (there’s going to be a link at the bottom of this video, on the description so you could sign up really quickly). It’s very easy to set up. It’s only one line of code you can just copy and paste into your site. And if you have a WordPress website, you actually add a WordPress Plugin for Zopim that links right away to your website, very easy. They offer free plan and also starting right now as of this video, $14 a month is the more premium plan which is what I recommend because they have something called an Auto Responder which comes with two triggers as of today. Now what is a trigger? It means that when someone comes to your site, you’re not going to be, obviously watching all day long waiting for people to come. It automatically will send them a message saying “hey, this is David. Can I help you?” if they write back then it pops up on your screen if you’re on your screen. So it helps a lot.


The next thing I’m going to talk about is really simple. Today, majority actually, more people are searching Google through their mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets, then on desktops. Mobile searches have actually surpassed desktop searches today. So when someone in their mobile device comes to your website, the first thing they want to do if they’re going to contact you is call you. The hardest thing which drives me crazy looking at all these websites is they can’t find your phone anywhere. They have to dig through your site to literally find your phone number if you even have there in your website. So definitely get your phone number up in there. Get a professional 800 number if you can. And the most important for you to do is to put that phone number on the very top of your site in big, big, big font and also on the bottom footer of the site. You should have them in two places. Now really important, I’m also going to give you some explanation how to make that phone number clickable. So if they’re on their iPhone or android, they can actually click on that phone number and it will automatically call. It’s very easy to do.


The third thing that is so important today are videos. You guys have to have a video, at least one video on your website showing people who you are and what services you offer, why they should call or email or choose you to help them, and why are you different in the competition, why should they choose you. Last but not the least, it also shows that you’re very personable, you’re normal human being, and you’re not crazy or something like that, ok? So video really helps. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy like all set up with lights and professional mic and professional camera. Your iPhone or android today takes, most of them, professional HD video. Just setup a camera in your phone and just say a quick little video of yourself. Anything is better than nothing. Trust me. So put those to work and let me know. Comment below and let us know if it helps you out or not. Enjoy.

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