Law Firm of the Week: Millerick Law


Firm Details:

  1. Firm Name & Slogan: Millerick Law
  2. Location: Stoneham, MA
  3. What does your firm do? Millerick Law provides representation and support to families in every area of the special education process as it relates to their child’s specific needs in order to create an education plan that will build the basis for success in school and beyond.

The Story:

  1. How did your firm start and how did it grow? Having grown up with two siblings with disabilities, I have experienced the special education process from a personal perspective and have witnessed first hand how difficult it is to secure the proper services for a child that you love more than anything in the world. In law school I focused my legal studies on disability issues, in particular special education and civil rights, and realized that I wanted to focus my legal career on assisting families navigate the complex special education system. I completed internships at the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office Civil Rights Division and the Disability Law Center, where I was able to expand my knowledge base in this area and also volunteered my time at a local non-profit assisting parents with special education matters. I started Millerick Law in 2015 and have been very fortunate to benefit from a supportive community and legal network.
  2. How did you do things before PracticePanther and how has PracticePanther helped today? I struggled to find a practice management software that was both affordable and user friendly. Thankfully, I discovered Practice Panther fairly early in the process and have been very pleased with it’s functionality and ease of use. I have been able to easily and efficiently organize both the business and case management sides of the practice without the complexity and frustration I experienced when sampling other comparable softwares.
  3. What is your favorite thing about PracticePanther? As a Mac user, I love how easy it is to move from my desktop to my iPhone without losing the ability to access what I need to on the go through the highly functional mobile app.
  4. What is one piece of advice you would offer other lawyers in your industry? It can be daunting to strike out on your own, but if you truly have the passion to practice in the area you’re pursuing then the rewards far outweigh that initial, temporary fear.

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