Law Firm of the Week: Equity Legal LLP

Firm Details:

  1. Firm Name & Slogan: Equity Legal LLP – Protect Your Equity
  2. Location: San Diego, CA
  3. What does your firm do? Equity Legal llp specializes in real estate law, real estate brokerage, real estate development, and business law/contracts in the Southern California area. We are unique in that we combine real estate brokerage with legal counsel all under one roof.

The Story:

  1. How did the firm start and how did it grow?  Equity Legal llp, began as a San Diego real estate law and real estate litigation practice. However, as we grew, we decided to take on the approach that in every transaction, litigation, or contract, a client truly can and needs to “Protect Their Equity”. In fact, protecting your equity at every step of the way is one of the most crucial aspects to improving your bottom line. This is when we combined the power of law, and real estate brokerage together. We work with many investors, real estate developers, and clients to form contracts, assist with business litigation, or provide them with timely legal counsel as it pertains to real estate law.Because we combine the power of real estate law as well as real estate brokerage, our Investor clients are finding that they can cut down on costs, time, and push through development projects at a much faster pace. Equity Legal supersedes the old model of hiring a real estate broker, and a real estate attorney, as we provide that all under one roof. We are real estate attorneys, brokers, and business specialists.
  2. How did you do things before PracticePanther and how has PracticePanther helped today? We used several different pieces of software before coming to PracticePanther. These included Google Calendar, a CRM tool, Freshbooks, to individual Drop Box accounts. In fact, we were working in all sorts of different areas as a firm. What this ended up doing, is fragmenting our work process between attorneys, and disorganizing the case flow. With PracticePanther, we got rid of five pieces of software and pulled all of our work load under one roof. This created greater cohesion among our San Diego real estate attorneys, provided a better experience for our clients, and allowed us to properly keep track of billing using all of what PracticePanther has to offer.
  3. What is your favorite thing about PracticePanther? There are many aspects of PracticePanther that are wonderful. But what we love most is the ability to have finger tip control over all of our attorney’s cases and clients. This has been a game changer for our practice and has allowed us to easily add new cases to our pipeline without feeling overwhelmed. Before PracticePanther, it could be challenging to manage all of the case matter, client information, and documents related to several different cases all at the same time. PracticePanther makes this so seamless and effortless that we can’t see any possible way of going back to the old ways.More importantly, as we take on more complicated real estate development projects, or business litigation matters, we can easily distinguish and track each type of case in an organized and professional manner. We are sure this will increase billable hours, and save time as we continue to use PracticePanther.
  4. What is one piece of advice you would offer other lawyers in your industry? With anything, the sooner you can specialize the better. By specializing this helps you with developing a brand, a marketing strategy, and helps you determine what areas to focus on the most. At Equity Legal llp., we made the cornerstone of our firm to “Protect Your Equity”. In other words, how can we offer legal counsel that protects you in your contracts, your commercial lease, your real estate development projects, or what is the best strategy for your business litigation cases? Once we adopted this brand, the type of clients that were being referred to us were investors, real estate developers, and business owners. If we had not specialized and created a brand around this specialization we would not be working with the amazing clients that we have today. In short, specialize, create a brand around this specialization, and spread the word to anyone and everyone. Good luck!

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