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Firm Details:

  1. Firm Name & Slogan:  Tickner McCliman, APC
  2. Location: Rancho Santa Margarita, California
  3. What does your firm do? Tickner McCliman, APC provides litigation and counseling services for intellectual property, employment, defamation, trade secrets, HOA and property management, toxic tort and environmental, and landlord-tenant matters. The breadth of our attorneys’ experience enhances our ability to give our clients unmatched legal representation and counseling. As part of the firm’s alternative dispute resolution practice, we use this experience to provide an equitable resolution to any legal dispute.

The Story:

  1. How did the firm start and how did it grow?  The founding partners of Tickner McCliman, APC had been working together on several matters with their respective firms. It became immediately clear to the both of them that they worked together as a team and had the same values, namely to provide their clients with the best possible representation with integrity. They decided that instead of working on a handful of matters together, they could pool their experience and expertise to form Tickner McCliman, APC with the goal of working collaboratively with their clients in order to achieve the goals of that particular client.
  2. How did you do things before PracticePanther and how has PracticePanther helped today?  Prior to PracticePanther, Tickner McCliman, APC, and its predecessor firm had to use several different options to achieve the same productivity PracticePanther facilitates. With PracticePanther, most of those tasks are now consolidated in order to allow its employees to work more efficiently.
  3. What is your favorite thing about PracticePanther? There are so many things that I love about PracticePanther that it is difficult to limit a response to just one feature. The features that we value the most (at this time) are Quickbooks integration; integration with e-mail, calendar, and tasks; customizable forms and templates; you can set up auto-populating forms (like an intake form or an opening letter), and the customer support and tech assistance is amazing! We’ve gotten stumped on things and just opened a chat window to ask a question, within a few minutes (less than 10) we get a response from tech support (and links to additional resources to answer my question).
  4. What is one piece of advice you would offer other lawyers in your industry?  Never motivate your opponent to stay up at night thinking of ways to defeat you (your client).

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