Law Firm of the Week: Ruttle Law PC



Firm Details:

    1. Firm Name & Slogan: Ruttle Law PC “Find your place in the world!”
    1. Location: Torrance, CA
    1. What does your firm do? We help businesses and individuals navigate the complicated labyrinth of US immigration laws, which is highly complex and strictly regulated.


The Story:

    1. How did your firm start and how did it grow? The firm was founded by attorney Michael Ruttle, who married a foreign national and learned first hand how hard it can be to obtain immigration benefits in this country. It is incredibly rewarding when a client’s case is successful because he or she now has the right to live, work, and pursue their own “American Dream.”
    1. How did you do things before PracticePanther and how has PracticePanther helped today? It has helped me save time and money because it keeps my firm’s calendars and finances all perfectly in sync with my open cases all in one place. Before, I was using a combination of different platforms to do my invoicing, client intake, and calendaring.
    1. What is your favorite thing about PracticePanther? How easy it is to use, and how much it helps me keep better track of finances.
    1. What is one piece of advice you would offer other lawyers in your industry? Having good systems in place that are easy for everyone to do and use will be what takes practice from surviving to thriving.


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