Law Firm of the Week: Law Office of Rick Morin, PC

Law Office of Rick Morin, PC

Firm Details:

  1. Firm Name & Slogan: Law Office of Rick Morin, PC
  2. Location: Sacramento, California
  3. What does your firm do? My firm practices civil litigation and bankruptcy in Sacramento. We represent both individuals and business owners.

The Story:

  1. How did your firm start and how did it grow? I started my law practice almost immediately after passing the California bar exam. I have a passion for solving difficult problems and wanted to serve clients the right way from the start. Honesty, integrity and professionalism was the foundation of my firm. My practice has grown through clever online marketing and consistent referrals from satisfied clients.
  2. How did you do things before PracticePanther and how has PracticePanther helped today? Before Practice Panther, my staff and I used a variety of cloud-based solutions to track leads, clients, matters and invoicing. Practice Panther has allowed us to consolidate each of those functions into one comprehensive solution. Now we don’t have to have multiple tabs open in our browser or juggle several different workflows. I have no doubt that Practice Panther is saving my firm time and money nearly every day.
  3. What is your favorite thing about PracticePanther? The Practice Panther user interface is the best of any cloud based practice management software. I demoed each of large competitors and found them all clunky and difficult to use. Practice Panther is very intuitive and my staff identified it as the best option within minutes of starting the demo.
  4. What is one piece of advice you would offer other lawyers in your industry? Don’t neglect the customer service aspect of running a legal practice. My office is fanatic about ensuring our clients receive return phone calls, texts and emails as soon as practical. Consistent client communication is the key to keeping clients happy and confident that their legal matter is being handled appropriately.

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