Law Firm of the Week: Greenwood Law

Firm Details:

  1. Firm Name & Slogan: Greenwood Law  “Experienced and Highly Motivated Lawyers”
  2. Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  3. What does your firm do? Greenwood Law is a boutique law firm located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The managing partner and founder of the firm is Dylan W. Greenwood, who is an experienced, highly motivated expert in federal and state criminal law, family law, and immigration law. Our firm also has other attorneys with vast experience and skill levels. Harold J. Eustache, Jr. is a former Forsyth County District Attorney/Prosecutor, who has tried over 500 cases in district and superior court, including many DWI/DUI cases and juvenile crimes. Attorney Eustache specializes in criminal law, juvenile law, veteran law, and family law. Kathryn Muhlenkamp specializes in wills, trusts, and other areas of estate planning and elder law.
    Our law firm does not treat clients as a case number. We treat each and every client with respect. Our attorneys give each client their absolute best and work hard for the BEST outcomes in your case. We work hard to communicate with everyone throughout each case. Experience, committed, motivated, and highly qualified are used to describe Greenwood Law.

The Story:

  1. How did the firm start and how did it grow? Attorney Dylan Greenwood grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and graduated from R.J. Reynolds High School. He graduated from the Wake Forest University School of Law in 2013. He started his career with internships, a fellowship, and working at a law firm. Then, he decided to open his own law practice. Attorney Greenwood has worked hard at reaching his ultimate goal of owning a boutique law firm, which provides a variety of top-notch attorneys to match clients’ needs. Five years out of law school, Attorney Greenwood has achieved his major goal. What was a “solo” law practice, Dylan W. Greenwood, Attorney at Law PLLC, is now Greenwood Law. The firm will continue to grow and provide the best for clients in Forsyth and surrounding counties – in addition, to clients statewide. Currently, all attorneys at the firm graduated from the Wake Forest University School of Law.
  2. How did you do things before PracticePanther and how has PracticePanther helped today? Before PracticePanther, our law firm was using a variety of online programs to manage the law firm. As the firm has grown, we found this slowed productivity and the attorneys and staff did not like this process. It created undue stress.As our law firm has grown, we felt the need to research various case management software. The software that has proved to be outstanding is PracticePanther. It allows us to keep the critical information at everyone’s fingertips within the law firm. We no longer switch between various programs to accomplish daily tasks. PracticePanther provides the opportunity to record potential client information, new client information, merge existing online information into the program, email clients, receive payments, and keep up with attorney calendars – to name a few. Greenwood Law is running very efficiently with PracticePanther’s assistance. Also, they have outstanding customer support, great videos, and great tutorials. We love PracticePanther! It is an AMAZING online program that helps everyone – attorneys, staff, and clients.
  3. What is your favorite thing about PracticePanther? The detailed provided, online, for every client is outstanding. An attorney can be in court and look up important information on an handheld device. Everything is at your fingertips, so that the attorneys and staff no longer pull the folders for client information because all contacts, payments made, client information is stored at the highest level of security. It allows for mobility, ease of research about a client, and it helps the attorneys and staff to manage tasks on a daily basis. It will alert you when something needs to be done for the client and/or the law firm.
  4. What is one piece of advice you would offer other lawyers in your industry? If the lawyers and their firms want to stay very organized, then you should consider purchasing PracticePanther. We researched their competition and went through demos of all of the companies and PracticePanther was the best by far!

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