Increase Traffic To Your Law Firm’s Website By Starting A Blog


Increase Traffic To Your Law Firm’s Website By Starting A Blog

In this final lesson, you will learn how to blog correctly so you can increase traffic to your site so you can get more natural organic traffic flowing to your site that will convert to more leads and sales for your firm.

Links discussed in the video:

1. – Get a WordPress developer to build a WordPress blog for you.

2 . – The easiest platform for blogging. Install your own WordPress blog yourself.

3.   WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast – A must-have for anyone serious about getting traffic from their blog.

Video Script:

Hey everyone! In this video, I’m going to teach you how you could actually blog correctly to increase traffic to your website so you could get natural organic people coming to your site. Doesn’t cost you a penny. And that will hopefully convert into leads and eventually conversions and sales, and more revenue and more money for you.


So the biggest thing that I can’t stand today is everyone’s like “yeah, I have a blog, I have a blog, I need a blog” and everyone’s like blogging, blogging, blogging. But no one knows how to actually do it. They write a lot of blog posts, they put of titles, they do a lot of things but nothing ever comes out of it. And after a few blog posts, they get frustrated and they never do it again. And the worst thing that can happen is that you have a blog post from a year and a half on your blog, a year and a half old on your blog, and people come and see you’re not updating your blog which means that you’re not really relevant anymore and you’re not updating your website anymore, maybe not even working anymore. So it’s really bad. If you’re going to blog, stay consistent or just get rid on the date of the blog so no one can see the date of the last time you posted if it’s been a very long time.


Alright! So I’m going to teach you very quickly how to blog correctly.


Step 1. You need to find a topic that you’re going to write about. The most important thing is you need to make sure that people are searching for this topic in Google. So Google has this really cool called Google suggested search. I want you, the first step is to go to and start typing what you want the blog post to be, for example, I don’t know… How to brush your teeth for example. Okay. So when you you’re typing on “how to brush” you’re going to notice Google will start filling in the answer for you. They do that because that tells you that’s what people are searching for. Google knows what everyone is searching for. So you want to make sure that when you start typing in it’s going to give you ideas and these are the ideas that you want to target. Okay, it’s really important. Now something very important when blogging, you want to make a blog post that is really specific, really defined, not so generic. So go back into the brushing teeth example, if you just wrote “how to brush your teeth”, that’s a really big broad generic post. That’s going to be very hard to crack into the top 10 of Google search results. You want to make it more niche specific, more specific and say, for example, “10 tips for how to brush your teeth for children under 10 years old”. Okay. That’s how the find I want you to get because then how Google’s going to picked that up as a “long tail keyword”, it’s called which going to give you even more traffic for those fewer people searching but you are going to be listed as, hopefully number one in Google which would be awesome and that will give you traffic forever, for life. Now actually, writing the blog post, actually creating your blog if you don’t have a blog already or if you do, I highly suggest you get a WordPress blog. It’s the easiest to use. It has the most SEO benefit’s for getting your blog post rank higher in Google. If you don’t know how to set it up or do it, nothing to worry. Go to and then type into the top search that you are looking for someone that can create a WordPress blog. It really takes, honestly, about five minutes to create. Anyone online will happily to do it for you for probably under $20 to $30. It’s really simple. Now, if you want to make it look nice, tell them what kind of blogs that you like, what examples do you like, and they can also custom design it for you. It might only cost $30 to $50 dollars to get a custom designed beautiful blog. Okay. That’s really important number 1.


Now, actually running a blog post. Once you have your topic, and you have the title of your post. That is the most important thing you’re going to use throughout your blog post – that title, because that title is what people are going to search to find you need to make sure that Google knows that it’s the most important thing about your blog post – that title. So the title you’re going to put in multiple places. First, you’re going to put it in the title of the blog post. Second, you actually have the option in WordPress to change the URL, the link of the blog post. So it could be for example. Change the link. Underneath the title, you change the link of the blog post to put the title name in there. That’s number 2.


Number 3, in the actual blog post there’s something called Header 1 (H1), try to make the font as big as possible and out it again, the title in the blog post one more time. Now you also want to divide the blog post into different subheadings, and headings and bullet points, you want the title again, some of the keywords at least in one of the subheadings again and you want the title of the post again, written naturally blended into the text somewhere. Now the whole goal is to write your title or those certain special keywords 1% of the article, in 1% which means that if you’re writing a 400-words blog post, you want those keywords, not title to be seen in a blog post at least four times. While I’m on that topic, I should also let you know that the typical blog post must be at least more than 400 words. That’s a must. That us the minimum or Google will not take that post seriously. I normally recommend 500 to 700 words. Anything over 800 words is starts to get really long and lengthy. So be careful with that.


Now, images are very important in your blog posts. I normally out an image at the top of the blog post to capture someone’s attention. Also really important cool trick, the file name of that image is also important. The filename of that image should also have that title of the post. Google also sees that. Why is this important? If someone is searching for “how to brush your teeth, whatever”, and they searched Google images, they will hopefully find your image there as well because the name of the image is your keyword and that will take them back to your blog post and they can eventually look at other things in your site. That is the ultimate goal, by the way of a blog post. The ultimate goal of blogging is to number 1, see knowledgeable, trustworthy, professional source of knowledge. Number 2 is to get people searching for those keywords to find your blog post, come to your site, look around your site, and eventually contact you for whatever it is you have to offer them. That’s the ultimate goal.


Alright! Other thing. When writing a blog post, you want to keep information concise. You don’t want to just ramble on. You want to have some good bullet points. You always want to include a link, one or two links to other parts of your website. These are called inner links to other parts of your website. It helps for Google, it helps for other various things but the whole goal is to keep them on your site and keep going to other blog post, other pages of your site. It’s the most important thing.


Lastly, you want to end off by saying “for more information, if you have any questions, click here to contact me or just comment below“ and you will get back to them. You always want to cultivate engagement. Make sure they’re always comment and engaging on your site. And also will help, the more people to comment and engage, the more Google sees, wow this actually really good post and people are commenting on. They might even boost you up in the rankings even more. And lastly, for an advanced tip for advanced user or for computer literate, I recommend using WordPress. Download the SEO plugin; it’s called SEO by Yoast. It’s a really good plugin to help you out and increase your ranking even more in the Google search engines.


Alright! Good luck! Get blogging! I also recommend scheduling multiple posts. So sit down for two to three hours, get this on and crank up five or six blog posts and schedule them to go one every week, one every month, whatever it is. It doesn’t matter as long as you continually scheduling blog post.

Alright! Enjoy!

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