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The Simple Way to Keep Your Clients & Grow Your Law Firm

The Simple Way to Keep Your Clients & Grow Reach in the Legal Field

Growing a law firm is not just about attracting new clients – though of course this is essential – but also about maintaining big clients you’ve previously worked with. Remember that any company, assuming it continues growing itself, will require ongoing legal services. That’s simply the nature of business.


In order to grow your law firm successfully, you’ll need to learn to keep your clients happy and under your wing. A regular income from these clients will help keep your law firm stable, giving you the resources you need to expand and reach new clients.


There are lots of ways you can do this, too. Through some simple-yet-effective management techniques, and really understanding what your clients need from you, you will be able to grow your client base and create a reputation for reliability and service.


  1. Always be Accessible


It’s important that whenever your clients need you, they’re able to get in touch. Whether it’s by phone or email, you’ll need to be able to respond to your clients’ questions in a timely manner. As you’re growing your law firm, you’re going to need to keep your business phone with you at all times – or at least ensure you have a receptionist who can take calls when you’re busy.


Software like PracticePanther can help, too. This online CRM system makes it easier to stay in touch with clients, share files and tasks and give your clients progress updates on each case.



  1. Visit Your Clients


Your clients need to know that you’re interested in them, so as well as speaking by email and telephone, be sure to pay regular visits. Seeing your client face-to-face builds up a trusting relationship, and also shows your commitment to serving their needs. Next time they need legal services, they’re likely to choose the company that is always ready to help them.


  1. Use SEO


If you’ve never heard of SEO before, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is about using keywords in the text on your website to ensure that you’re found on search engine results. If you provide services within a specific field of law, it’s important to reference it on your website so that Google and Bing can help direct users to you. This helps you find new clients, and builds your reputation which can actually go a long way in helping you keep current clients. There’s actually a great video on SEO for lawyers to learn more about SEO.


  1. Listen to What They Don’t Say


It’s important to listen to what your clients say, but it’s easy to forget about what they don’t say. It sounds a little odd, but it’s important. Listening to what your clients don’t say can help you discover some potential issues and areas that have yet to be explored. A good way to do this is to write down any potential issues that you might be able to help them with before you meet with your client. If they don’t mention everything on your list, bring it up with them – it could well be a new avenue to explore.


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