Get A Free Business Cell Phone Number For Your Law Firm


Get A Free Business Cell Phone Number For Your Law Firm

So you think you need a special office or business phone to carry around with you? Think again. With the tools we teach you in this lesson, you will learn how to get a free business phone number that will forward directly to your cell phone, for free. The goal is to make and receive calls directly from your normal cell but with a different phone number – without having to pay for another phone.

Links discussed in the video:

1.   Google Voice – Get a free mobile number from Google.

2.   Google Voice App for iPhone

3.   Google Voice App for Android

Video Script:

In this video I’m going to teach you how to get a free business phone number that actually will forward directly to your cellphone. You don’t need another cellphone to carry around with you. You don’t need a special number online, or a special home phone or office phone. It goes directly to your cellphone and the whole goal is to make calls or receive calls directly to your normal cellphone but with different phone number. No one will actually have you real cellphone number which is really important. The key is, this is actually a free phone number from Google and they call it Google Voice. To sign up for free, you go to Now you can choose the number that you want by area code, zip code, it will show a bunch of different numbers you could choose from. As soon as someone calls that number, it forwards the number to your cellphone or to any other phone that you want. You could even put it on a schedule of when to forward calls or when to go to your voice mail. As soon as you answer the phone, you could have the caller ID number showing from Google Voice or you could have their phone number but when you answer the phone, it says you have an incoming call – press 1 to accept. So you know that it’s coming from Google Voice and you know that it’s a business phone call so you could answer much differently by saying “Hi! This is David. How can I help you?”. You already know how to answer. Now the very cool thing is, once you answer you could press number 4 to record the call. You could do many cool things like that. Also, if you missed a call, it actually sends you an email letting you know you missed a call.


And if you have an iPhone or android, you also get all missed calls into your app. The coolest part is, if you don’t have service or your phone is off, normally if someone calls you and you missed the call, you’ll never know. But with Google Voice, it records and tracks every single missed call even if your phone is off. So you know if someone called you. Also, if you get a Voice Mail, it actually transcribes the text so on your phone you could actually read your voice mail. And also will email you that voice mail as well as mp3 that you could download and play. You could also set up a custom voice mails for certain people. So if you have a group of customers or you family or friends or anyone else, you could have custom voice mail set. Or if you’re on a vacation you could set a “vacation” voice mail. Google is pretty cool because it also comes with an automatic spam protection filter meaning if someone calls you from a known spam number, it doesn’t even call you. It goes straight to voice mail or straight to spam. It doesn’t even ring your phone. Another really cool feature is that you could actually attach your credit card to Google Voice and you could actually make calls from your cellphone to international, all over the world with really good competitive rates, even better than skype most of the time. And if you run out it could also automatically refill for you.


So that’s Google Voice. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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