Family Law Software for Mac and Windows


Family Law Software for Mac and Windows

So, you’ve been on the hunt for a family law software that caters to both Mac and Windows. Well, the hunt stops here. With PracticePanther, no matter what computer you may have, running your family law firm has just become much easier. This is just one of the many perks of having PracticePanther as your family law software. No other program can compare, as well as the ease of use. One of the most important questions we tend to get is, “will it work on my Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android Fire phone, Windows tablet, Android, etc…?!”. And the answer is a resounding…YES!


Mobile friendly and responsive

The reason PracticePanther’s family law software for mac and windows is able to work on any device is because it was originally designed as a mobile responsive site. This means that when you login to your account, it will automatically re-size according to your screen size.



Try our free trial. Absolutely no credit card needed. We know you’l love it—so much so that you’ll never have to transfer your data to any other software again! PracticePanther has everything that a Family Law firm could possibly need.



With PracticePanther, you can share files with other attorneys that are part of your company. You can also even share the selected files you want to with your clients! And on top of that, PracticePanther offers shared calendars to view deadlines, court appearances, and appointments. Sharing information and data has never been easier! We think you’ll be pretty impressed.


More Benefits

PracticePanther has many other benefits that can be useful to family lawyers. These benefits include:

  • 256-Bit military encryption program
  • Award-winning panther fast support
  • Ability to sync with iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones
  • No installation
  • Fast and easy to use
  • No hassle- everything is simple, easy and secure



Some nnecessities you should look out for when searching for a family law software for Mac and Windows should be:

  1. Time Tracking
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  3. Invoice & Billing
  4. Accounting
  5. Case Management
  6. Calendar
  7. Ease of use

If you don’t have the essentials, then you just don’t have a good family law software. At PracticePanther, we know that what you need is help getting and staying organized and keeping all of your data safe and secure.


Watch out for outdated family law software

When looking for a legal practice software, look out for the outdated ones! No one wants to pay for a software that promises a handful of tools available and then come to find out that the software is outdated. Outdated software is not up-to-date with the current technology. This is important because if the software isn’t up to date then, ultimately, there is no point to having the software.

You will know your software is outdated if:

  1. Calendar. You have a calendar hanging on your wall
  2. Updates. Your software doesn’t include automatic updates needed to keep everything moving steadily.
  3. App. Your software does not have an app available. This is a good sign that your software was probably designed before apps were invented! Can we even remember what it was like back then?
  4. Support. When you call the support system for help, it sends a busy tone….what now?


With PracticePanther, you will never have any of these problems. Trust the fastest, most-used family law software for mac and windows.

Try your free trial today!



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