EXPLODE Your Lead Pipeline By Using Zopim Live Chat


The Problem with Your Website Today

The biggest problem everyone has with their site is it’s never going to be perfect and it probably isn’t optimized for conversions, SEO, contact forms, and more (unless you’ve spent a pretty penny). There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors that come to your site every year and that never contact you. This article will teach you how to explode your lead pipeline to convert more of those passer-by website visitors into leads, and eventually clients.

What is Zopim Live Chat?

Zopim.com is a live chat plugin for your law firms website. Zopim allows you to talk to your customers in real-time! Zopim live chat allows you to connect with your potential customers in real-time, as soon as they visit your page, so you cna answer any questions or concerns before they make the leap in contacting you on your website, shooting you an email, or picking up the phone and calling.

Increase Your Leads

Increase the chances of gaining a new lead by using live chat to automatically reach out to your potential customers that visit your site. Look at your Google Analytics account to check how many people come to your site in a month. Then check how many of those ever call or email you. Usually you will have around 1-5% of the people that come to your site actually contact you. That’s a SUPER low number and means you’re missing out on quality leads!

Automatic Triggers

The brilliance behind Zopim is that you don’t need to sit around on the computer all day waiting to chat with someone (you are busy aren’t you!?). By using an automatic trigger, Zopim can automatically send each visitor a message after 10 seconds of being on the site saying something like “Hey – do you have any questions I can help with?”. If they respond, it will automatically pop up on your computer so you’re ready to go.


Zopim also comes with a great set of analytics to show you the busiest times of day, number of chats, where people found you, where they live, etc… It also keeps a history of all chats in case you ever need to look something up in the future.

Here is an example of a sample report showing number of chats served (in green) and number of chats missed (in orange). Your goal is to reduce the orange!





Not only is Zopim convenant because direct engagement increases conversions, but you can also use their iPhone app to chat with any potential leads at anytime, any place! Being that lawyers deal with confidential information daily, Zopim  is secure so that you can answer delicate legal questions to help reassure potential clients before retaining your firm.

Free or Paid Plans?

The free plan may serve most companies well, but if you really want to take advantage of the automatic triggers (so it sends a message to your users automatically), the most basic plan will work wonders! If you just get ONE new lead out of this feature a year, it will have paid itself off (and you should be getting way more then 1). Try it out today and let us know what you think: Zopim.com



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Sabrina Peixoto

Sabrina Peixoto