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Should lawyers use the cloud?

The Cloud is the ultimate efficiency tool. It’s a system that allows users to upload their files and documents to the Internet, and access them on their phone, tablet or computer wherever they are in the world. It’s a scary concept for some people, but for those who know how secure the cloud can be, […]

how the internet can help you start a law firm

How technology can make you a better lawyer

Don’t believe the skeptics – technology really can make you a better lawyer. Technology is more important for lawyers than ever, and avoiding it will only put you at a disadvantage. 89% of lawyers use mobile to check their emails, allowing them to maintain better communication with their clients and colleagues.   Beyond email, 58% […]

The Relationship Between National Security And Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Changing The Legal Profession

The legal profession is not known for its enthusiastic acceptance of new technology. The pace of evolution in legal technology was at a standstill until recently when artificial intelligence (AI) started to make legal headlines. In the past few years, there has been everything from significant advancements in AI technology to an ongoing ethics debate […]

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Minimizing Waste & Maximizing Billing Efficiency in Your Law Firm

Start-ups and established law firms alike need to ensure that they minimize waste if they are to grow and remain profitable. Maximizing billing efficiency in your law firm can also help your company ensure maximum profit, and ensure that clients are happy with the services being provided. Finding that balance between over-billing and under-billing keeps […]

how the internet can help you start a law firm

How the Internet Can Help You Start a Law Firm

  The Internet is more important for business than ever before. Whether you’re a dog groomer or an immigration lawyer, there are online tools designed to make your job easier – and in the law field, there are multiple tools and services available to keep your clients happy and your business functioning smoothly.   One […]


Server vs Cloud: Stop Paying for Updates [Video]

  Did you know most server-based programs charge you for updates while cloud-based programs are completely free? With cloud software, there’s no need to download or install updates, as they’re done automatically for you. Find out more about Cloud vs. Server software in this hilarious comparison video:            

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PracticePanther Raises $3.5M. Announces New CTO. Offers Free Service Until 2016.

North Miami Beach, FL (November 16, 2015) – Revolutionizing the legal industry,, a Miami-based law practice management software, has raised $3.5M in funding, announces a new CTO, and offers free service until 2016. With thousands of lawyers using the software in over 170 countries, is becoming one of the fastest growing law practice […]

5 Reasons Lawyers and Attorneys Get Paid More Than you

  5 Reasons Lawyers and Attorneys Get Paid More Than you Ever wonder how some of your friends and legal associates make considerably more money than you, or how they never seem to complain about cheap clients or getting paid on time? They must be doing something you’re not. Your average legal client may be somewhat easy […]


5 SEO Tips for Lawyers to Improve Your Law Firm’s Website

5 SEO Tips for Lawyers to Improve Their Law Firm’s Website   So your law firm has a website, but it isn’t generating significant Internet traffic or potential leads. What gives? Well, Google might not be displaying your webpage very high on their search results. Since the average Internet user doesn’t click past the first […]