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Help Your Firm Work Smarter with 3 NEW PracticePanther Tools

What if we told you we had three new insightful tools to help you save time, make more money, and focus on what really matters – the law? Meet our newest game-changing features: “Pending” invoice status, Tag Filters, and LEDES settings by Contact. 1. “Pending” Invoice Status Have you ever hit ‘send’ too soon on […]

New Features To Protect And Automate Your Work

1. Auto-Save Thanks to our latest and greatest, the Auto-Save feature, you’ll never lose your work again. PracticePanther automatically saves your progress as you work, so you can work confidently from anywhere. To learn more about how Auto-Save will have your back when your internet or foggy brain fails you, click here!                                                                                                                  2. […]

3 Essentials in Law Firm Client Management Software Jaliz Maldoando

3 Essentials of Law Firm Client Management Software

Any attorney worth his or her salt is well aware of the importance of client management on a theoretical scale, though it can be difficult to discern exactly where client management ends and advocacy begins. In fact, numerous practice management software allows client management to fall by the wayside, focusing on billable hours and document […]

Billable Hours vs. Non-billable Hours and Expenses Jaliz Maldonado

Billable Hours vs. Non-billable Hours and Expenses

Timekeeping for an attorney seems to be a dreaded affair. Billable hours vs. non-billable hours is not something they go into at great length in law school, if they touch on it at all. But as the seasoned mavens will tell you, keeping track of all of your billable hours is important, especially if you […]

How Enhanced Originating Attorney Reports Can Better Serve Your Firm

Organizing the process by which attorneys log, account for, and then bill for their working time is no easy feat. As is the case in most professional situations, firm owners must straddle the delicate line between thoroughness and excess as they verify each and every billable service. This is why even the simplest originating attorney […]

How Custom Invoice Templates Can Revamp Your Firm’s Billing

The law, along with the practice of it, is fluid and ever-changing, and so it follows that the tools harnessed by a legal professional in their work be just as versatile. This means that legal automation tools must work to be as forward-thinking as possible, striving not just to adapt, but to anticipate what will […]

How Case Management Software and Legal Practice Management Software Vary

In the competitive sphere of legal technology, where news apps, platforms, and software become available on a seemingly daily basis, it is crucial for consumers to know exactly what they’re looking for – and exactly what it is they find. The highly saturated market leads to increased pressure on providers to market their products and […]

Why Legal Software Is a Gateway to Revolutionizing Your Firm’s Communication

A significant portion of the conversation surrounding legal practice management software centers on its time-saving capabilities. Of course, it is undeniable that automating your firm will do wonders for its efficiency; this is a tremendous benefit of legal software. However, the unilateral focus on time-saving can do legal software an injustice. The benefits of investing […]

How to Optimize Your Legal Billing without Sacrificing Customer Service

Getting paid can be a touchy subject. As an attorney, particularly one who bills hourly, this is particularly true, since lawyers have one of the most direct channels between their income and charges paid by their clients. This is of particular concern to the high numbers of attorneys who do not get paid for legal […]

Don't Settle for Limited Legal Billing Software

Law Practice Management Software is Legal Billing Software

There’s no question that attorneys are automating their firms, and securing the data entrusted to them, at higher rates now than ever before. In fact, a 2017 study conducted by the American Bar Association revealed that 52% of attorneys have stored their data in the cloud. Conversations about automation abound, and experts do not hesitate […]

How Legal Practice Management Software Could (and Should!) Help You Get Clients

There’s no question that automation saves time, and that legal practice management software is instrumental to any attorney in their quest to maximize both time and profit. The benefits to automating your legal practice with software abound, and the best legal practice management software should offer your firm features that assist not just in performing […]

Finding the Right Legal Practice Management Software

Too often, legal practice management software over-promises and under-delivers, leaving attorneys to pick up the pieces when they drop the ball. Vague, too-good-to-be-true promises often lend themselves to disappointing results when profit takes precedence over clients’ needs. In our ever-growing cyber-world, there is no shortage of options when it comes to practice management software for […]