The New Phenomenon of Personal Injury on E-Scooters Jaliz Maldonado

Personal Injury: The New Phenomenon of Personal Injury on E-Scooters

If you live in a big city, you’ve almost certainly seen them around. They dart in and out of traffic, fly past you on the sidewalks, and careen forward with acrobatic abandon. No, not pigeons. The daring gymnasts in question here are e-scooters. They’re everywhere. As their number increases on our streets, they are bound […]

Why the Legal Profession can Profit from AI

The Benefit of Legal Tech for Small Personal Injury Firms

Small law firms often find it difficult running their practice efficiently.  There are numerous challenges and obstacles you must overcome in such a limited enterprise in order to achieve some solid success, especially if your small firm is concentrated on personal injury cases. The traditionally conservative legal market often prevents small firms from operating at […]