Use Conditional Workflows in PracticePanther

New Conditional Workflows Make Case Management Easier

  Anticipate trial deadlines and assign tasks at your firm Building on tasks and events in PracticePanther, conditional workflows bring collaboration and convenience to the case management experience. Now, you can keep your agenda clean and focus on what matters at the moment. A more focused agenda Conditional workflows keep track of what’s coming next […]

Help Your Firm Work Smarter with 3 NEW PracticePanther Tools

What if we told you we had three new insightful tools to help you save time, make more money, and focus on what really matters – the law? Meet our newest game-changing features: “Pending” invoice status, Tag Filters, and LEDES settings by Contact. 1. “Pending” Invoice Status Have you ever hit ‘send’ too soon on […]

New Features To Protect And Automate Your Work

1. Auto-Save Thanks to our latest and greatest, the Auto-Save feature, you’ll never lose your work again. PracticePanther automatically saves your progress as you work, so you can work confidently from anywhere. To learn more about how Auto-Save will have your back when your internet or foggy brain fails you, click here!                                                                                                                  2. […]

How a Microsoft Outlook Add-In Maximizes the Efficiency of Law Practice Management Software Jaliz Maldonado

How a Microsoft Outlook Add-In Maximizes the Efficiency of Law Practice Management Software

The array of resources that live in the cloud is so robust, it’s well into the realm of being overwhelming. In this chapter of the Tech Age, consumers’ primary question is not “Is there a system for this?”. Rather, it’s “what’s the easiest way to make the systems I use for this work together?” Law […]

How Enhanced Originating Attorney Reports Can Better Serve Your Firm

Organizing the process by which attorneys log, account for, and then bill for their working time is no easy feat. As is the case in most professional situations, firm owners must straddle the delicate line between thoroughness and excess as they verify each and every billable service. This is why even the simplest originating attorney […]

How Custom Invoice Templates Can Revamp Your Firm’s Billing

The law, along with the practice of it, is fluid and ever-changing, and so it follows that the tools harnessed by a legal professional in their work be just as versatile. This means that legal automation tools must work to be as forward-thinking as possible, striving not just to adapt, but to anticipate what will […]

New features

New Accounting Features Released!

You asked, and we delivered! We’re introducing the best integration with QuickBooks Online, the ability to print checks, reconcile your accounts, and see more detailed reports. Now you can spend less time on accounting, and more time making money. P.S. Stay tuned for calendar rules coming soon! 1. Three-way trust account reconciliation. Reconcile your operating […]

New features

New Features and Updates Released!

We’re excited to announce 10 of our latest features designed to automate your firm so you can get more done in less time. Most updates came from member requests so we thank you for the support, feature requests, and feedback. Keep them coming! P.S. Stay tuned for a major Accounting update coming soon! 1. Create […]

New features

8 New Updates & Features Released!

We’re proud to release one of the biggest updates all year! Every single update came from your requests so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible support, feature requests, and feedback! Here are the features released:   1. Multi-language translation PracticePanther is now available in Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, […]

recycle bin flat icon with shadow

New Feature: Recycle Bin!

We’re excited to announce our latest feature: Recycle Bin!  Accidentally deleted a contact, matter, task, event, or any other important piece of information? Now you can restore it within 30 days! You can even use the search field to search for any text and find the exact item deleted as quickly as possible. You also […]

PracticePanther Releases iPhone and Android apps for Lawyers on the go.

PracticePanther Releases iPhone and Android apps for Lawyers on the go.

  Access All Your Legal Documents, Invoices, Events, and More from Your Mobile Device.  PracticePanther is now available on the Iphone and Android Devices    North Miami Beach, FL (Nov 17, 2015) – In a video and online statement, PracticePanther has outlined how their legal case management software embraces mobile technology, providing all of their popular features in a […]