An Attorney’s Guide to MailChimp

  Of the countless tools available to a rising law firm seeking to optimize its marketing strategy, MailChimp is arguably among the most valuable. MailChimp, a platform through which marketers are easily able to automate their email outreach, is the ultimate facilitator of the drip campaign. A drip campaign is a long-term (typically over the […]

A Law Student's Ultimate Resource

A Law Student’s Ultimate Resource

There’s no denying that law school is quite the overwhelming experience. From tackling examinations, internship applications, and extracurricular involvement to climbing daily mountains of homework, law students certainly have a considerable amount on their plates at any given time. To call the average law student an overachiever feels almost like an underestimation, so it’s not […]

The PracticePanther Law School Scholarship

  We’re in the business of managing legal practices, which means that, aside from lawyers, PracticePanther may be among those who know best just how difficult and time-consuming it can be to organize and automate an attorney’s entire professional arsenal. This is just one of the reasons why we encourage that rising attorneys familiarize themselves […]

TECHnically Speaking: Reflections on the ABA TechShow

TECHnically Speaking: Reflections on the ABA TechShow

On March 7th, 2018, PracticePanther kicked off its third year at the annual ABA TechShow in Chicago, Illinois. If there’s anything we’ve learned in our three years’ worth of ABA memories and experiences, it’s that every year brings forth an incomparable and unique opportunity to connect with professionals from all corners of the legal, tech, […]

3% to 300% of Revenue a Year: Learn How You Can Grow Your Law Firm Doing What this Attorney Did

I was in Boca Raton staying at the Waldorf Astoria for the LawFirm 500 trade show in 2017. Now, I’ve been to many legal tech shows, but this stood out to me because it was different. How? Even if you were not an attorney, you would walk out of their knowing a thing or two […]

What Multi-Million Dollar Law Firms Taught me About Closing Deals - Try this Formula

What Multi-Million Dollar Law Firms Taught Me About Closing Deals

I have the privilege of speaking to thousands of attorneys of all sizes. Many attorneys that I spoke with years ago were solo practitioners that just started out their practice with a dingy little office and a virtual assistant. Fast forward to present day, these solo practitioners now have a booming law firm with a […]

PracticePanther Announces Integration with LawToolBox

    Miami, FL— February 21, 2018 — As part of their continuing obsession with making a legal practice easier to run, PracticePanther is announcing a new integration with LawToolBox. The integration is an effort by PracticePanther to give its customers access to the simplest method of keeping up with important court deadlines to ensure […]


Law Firm of the Week: Adhemar Advocaten (Adhemar Attorneys)

Firm Details: Firm Name & Slogan: Adhemar Advocaten (Adhemar Attorneys) Location: Belgium What does your firm do? Adhemar Advocaten is a Belgian boutique law firm with 9 lawyers that exclusively focuses on public law, environmental law (urban planning included), real estate and construction law. We provide services mainly to public authorities and companies. We serve […]


Law Firm of the Week: The Law Offices of Michael Rada, LLC

Firm Details: Firm Name & Slogan: The Law Offices of Michael Rada, LLC Location: Barrington, Illinois What does your firm do? The firm is a solo transactional law firm concentrating on small to mid-sized companies. In addition, the firm serves individuals in will and trust drafting, and related matters. Also, as this is a general […]


Law Firm of the Week:

Firm Details: Firm Name & Slogan: | Professional. Discrete. Secure Location: Harpswell, Maine U.S.A. What does your firm do? is a tax services firm specialized in U.S. expatriate tax reporting and advisory, streamlined disclosure, retirement planning solutions for expats. We prepare forms 1040, 3520/3520 Foreign trusts, 8621 PFIC, 5471/8865 CFC corporation and partnership […]