5 Ways to Recruit (and Retain) Millennial Attorneys

5 Ways to Recruit (and Retain) Millennial Attorneys

According to Pew Research, Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers and Generation X as the largest generation in the workforce, and this has been a source of contention for many companies. Millennials have a higher job turnover rate than any other generation, and the legal profession is no exception. A surprising 70% of entry-level associates who […]

What is an SSL Certificate and Why Do Law Firm Websites Need Them?

What is an SSL Certificate and Why Do Law Firm Websites Need Them?

Law firms are implicitly trusted by their clients through many established systems. From the diplomas on the wall to state boards of examiners, lawyers and clients alike expect trust through protocols. But many firms have not put the same amount of effort into building trust and reputation online as they have in their communities. Here, […]

Law Firm Website 101: Generate Leads (That Convert to Clients)

Law Firm Website 101: Generate Leads (That Convert to Clients)

Your law firm’s website is your presentation—your first impression—, and it offers the most significant potential for quality leads. A poor or outdated site is going to cost you prospects, and without leads, you may as well stay home. Think about it like this: You wouldn’t meet a prospective client at your firm’s door dressed […]

6 Ways Lawyers Can Avoid Violating The CAN-SPAM Act

Should attorneys be concerned about the CAN-SPAM act? It depends. Are you sending out commercial electronic mail messages that disguise the commercial intent of the messages or your identity? If that’s the case, then the answer is yes, as you are in all likelihood violating the CAN-SPAM act, also known as the Controlling the Assault […]

New Technologies

Everything You Need to Know About E-Discovery

One of my favorite novels is William Gibson’s sci-fi cyberpunk masterpiece, Neuromancer. In the book, hackers “jack-in” to cyberspace (Gibson’s book popularized the term) and explore massive, shining cities of data that represent the Internet. Our world is some time away from Gibson’s vision of hacking. But the massive cities of data he describes are […]


Webinar Recap: How to Run a Mac-Based Law Firm with Tom Lambotte

Tom Lambotte, Mac-based legal IT expert for law firms, teaches us how to run a Mac-based law firm and the do’s and don’ts of everything in between. Webinar recorded on June 02, 2017 hosted by David Bitton, CEO at PracticePanther. What you will learn: How to run a secure Mac-based law firm. Learn the 10 Pillars of […]


Get New Leads & Followers on Auto-Pilot – Free Guide and Video

The social media revolution has made connecting with people easier than ever before. This connection, likewise, has made marketing easier if you know how to do it correctly. Advertising on social media platforms like Twitter is an art that requires you to learn several strategies on how to write a Tweet. However, a substantial guide […]