Regulatory Issues in Blockchain Technology Attorney's Should Know About Jaliz Maldonado

Regulatory Issues in Blockchain Technology Attorney’s Should Know About

As technology changes, the world changes with it. Telegraphs became telephones that turned into iPhones. Now, the world of finance and information technology has its own revolution underway. Of course, we are talking about blockchain technology. As with phones and telecommunications, regulations and legislation and judicial decisions determine some scope of the possibilities for the […]

Legal Ethics: Ethical Principles for Online Dispute Resolution

Legal Ethics: Ethical Principles for Online Dispute Resolution

With an increasing proportion of our lives taking place online, it is not surprising that alternative dispute resolution is quickly becoming an online dispute resolution (ODR). Everything regarding disputes between persons or parties from consumer relationships to disagreement across state lines can now take place online. It is more important than ever for attorneys to […]

E-Discovery Collides Ethics Attorney's Jaliz Maldonado

How E-Discovery Collides With Ethics and Why Attorneys Should Care

The temptation to data dump e-documents has been too much for some firms and clients. Big data has made it too easy for a good attorney to become an ethically challenged attorney. During the course of e-discovery, an ethically challenged attorney may submit an enormous amount of electronic data during e-discovery. E-discovery refers to the […]

How Blockchain Technology Will Drive Clients To Your Law Firm

Blockchain technology is the new black of technology. You have probably heard of blockchain in relation to bitcoin and how it’s bitcoin’s underlying technology. But what exactly is blockchain and how does it work? Most importantly, how will it affect the way law firms do business? First, an explanation is in order. Simply put, blockchain […]

Law Firm Website 101: Generate Leads (That Convert to Clients)

Law Firm Website 101: Generate Leads (That Convert to Clients)

Your law firm’s website is your presentation—your first impression—, and it offers the most significant potential for quality leads. A poor or outdated site is going to cost you prospects, and without leads, you may as well stay home. Think about it like this: You wouldn’t meet a prospective client at your firm’s door dressed […]

New Technologies

Everything You Need to Know About E-Discovery

One of my favorite novels is William Gibson’s sci-fi cyberpunk masterpiece, Neuromancer. In the book, hackers “jack-in” to cyberspace (Gibson’s book popularized the term) and explore massive, shining cities of data that represent the Internet. Our world is some time away from Gibson’s vision of hacking. But the massive cities of data he describes are […]