Shortcomings to be Wary of in Software Used by Law Firms

Shortcomings to be Wary of in Software Used by Law Firms

As the cloud overtakes the server as the leading hub of practice management software and information storage, firms are presented with multiple options. Each practice management solution promises, with seemingly compelling evidence, to be the best. By outlining the features that set them apart and downplaying the ones that fall below standard, the various software […]

Ways Legal Software Can Optimize Paralegal Calendar Management

Ways Legal Software Can Optimize Paralegal Calendar Management

Paralegals must perform an incredibly varied array of tasks. From direct advocacy to administrative responsibilities, the daily accomplishments of a paralegal are crucial to the operations and success of a law firm. Though most practice management solutions outline the countless ways in which they make attorneys’ lives easier, the benefits to paralegals are often overlooked. […]

How to Find the Best Legal Billing Software for Mac Products Jaliz Maldonado

How to Find the Best Legal Billing Software for Mac Products

With the widely inundated technological market, the options available to attorneys searching for legal billing software are seemingly infinite. The abundance of solutions available may give way to the false impression that all software is capable of performing the same basic tasks: contact and matter management, time tracking, invoicing, and some degree of document management. […]

3 Essentials in Law Firm Client Management Software Jaliz Maldoando

3 Essentials of Law Firm Client Management Software

Any attorney worth his or her salt is well aware of the importance of client management on a theoretical scale, though it can be difficult to discern exactly where client management ends and advocacy begins. In fact, numerous practice management software allows client management to fall by the wayside, focusing on billable hours and document […]

Attorneys are Switching Over to Flat Fee Billing; Here’s Why!

Attorneys are Switching Over to Flat Fee Billing; Here’s Why!

Our training department consults with hundreds of law firms all over the world on a day-to-day basis. After assisting attorneys not only with learning how to utilize PracticePanther but also in analyzing their own business practices in hopes of optimizing their law firms, one noticeable trend from the countless consultations is the growing interest many law […]

PracticePanther Appoints Soumya Nettimi as Chief Executive Officer

Miami, FL – October 2018 – PracticePanther, a leading solution in law practice management software, continues to grow at unprecedented rates by focusing on its mission of making the lives of lawyers and paralegals easier.  The company is excited to announce Soumya Nettimi as the new Chief Executive Officer to lead the company into its next […]

PracticePanther’s Lawmatics Integration Automates Every Step of a Law Firm’s Client Relationships

PracticePanther has recently announced its integration with Lawmatics, a CRM, marketing, and intake software made specifically for legal professionals. The integration between these two platforms will forge an unprecedentedly strong process by which attorneys can establish, optimize, and maintain their firms’ client relationships. By combining our state of the art practice management features with the […]

Law Firm Technology: The 5 Best Legal Apps of 2018

There’s no question that if there’s anything that exists in abundance, it’s the omnipresent “app.” From the complex to the simple, from the widely popular to the secret weapons, mobile applications have revolutionized the ways in which we interact and get things done. No personality type, interest area, or professional field is exempt from the […]

Finding the Right Legal Practice Management Software

Too often, legal practice management software over-promises and under-delivers, leaving attorneys to pick up the pieces when they drop the ball. Vague, too-good-to-be-true promises often lend themselves to disappointing results when profit takes precedence over clients’ needs. In our ever-growing cyber-world, there is no shortage of options when it comes to practice management software for […]

To Further Growth & Expansion, Alpine Investors Backs PracticePanther

  SAN FRANCISCO, CA & MIAMI, FL – March 05, 2018 – Alpine SG, LLC (“Alpine SG”), a portfolio company of Alpine Investors V, VI, and VI-A, LP and its affiliates (together, “Alpine”), announced that it has made an investment in Panther Software, LLC (“PracticePanther”), a cloud-based law practice management software serving thousands of law […]