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Boosting productivity & reducing cost in small legal firms

Boosting productivity & Reducing cost in Small Legal firms

Small legal firms can boost productivity and reduce their costs at the same time. These measures are necessary for a small legal company to move forward in a crowded marketplace, and there are surprisingly easy steps to take. Productivity and cost are intertwined thanks to the Internet, and a legal professional operating a small company can use new technology to make these big steps.


Manageable, Effective Communication


Reducing the amount of unnecessary emails, and getting rid of complicated communication, can seriously improve productivity. Your team of lawyers and other legal professionals can be ‘set free’ to work on important tasks when they have a more convenient method of communication with clients and colleagues.


Using a system like PracticePanther allows small legal firms to keep in touch with their clients every step of the way. By making communication a central part of your digital operations, you can more easily share information, files and updates.


By reducing unnecessary emails, and ensuring that colleagues embrace important communication, a law firm can ensure that all projects are as efficient as possible. The importance of good communication cannot be understated, especially as more and more law firms are offering quick turnaround times for projects that may previously have taken quite some time.


This kind of communication can also reduce costs, simply by reducing the amount of time spent on unimportant emails and interactions, and ensuring that you maintain a reputation for quality and reliability.
Cut Back on Software and Hardware Costs


All modern legal firms require software to manage client relations, word processing and documentation and more. On top of that, even a small office will spend thousands on their own server to ensure that all data is secure. Thankfully, there is a more cost-effective solution.


According to Gartner, a firm will spend on average $700 per month on a server and IT costs. The same research company also calculated that unmanaged computers can cost $5,000 per year, and 80% of all IT costs will occur after the initial purchase. This means that server maintenance and software tend to be the primary expense for all kinds of offices.


So instead of paying monthly fees for email software, billing software and other separate management applications – on top of the extortionate fees of managing separate servers and hiring IT professionals – a small legal company can significantly reduce their costs by using an integrated legal software solution.


PracticePanther is such an alternative, and as well as offering affordable monthly fees, customers will also never have to pay for a single update. This means users won’t be paying thousands every year to maintain server upgrade costs. It’s the perfect solution – not only can legal firms reduce their costs, but the integrated system means that paralegals and lawyers can improve their communication and performance.

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