How to Find the Best Software for Lawyers


How to Find the Best Software for Lawyers

The best and worst part about being a lawyer is how busy your work week and “days off” can get. You want to have as many clients as possible, but you also don’t want to become unorganized or seem unprofessional because you can’t remember your 2:30pm appointment’s last name. The first thing you can do to stay organized and professional as a lawyer is to:


Make sure the software you choose is not outdated!

Signs you are using an outdated legal practice software:

  1. You still have a pile of papers on your desk. You are constantly looking for information between your online documents and the stacks of paper lying around your office. A good software will make it easy for you to keep all of your information in one place.
  1. No more updates. Your software does not include the automatic updates needed to keep things moving at a steady pace without any bugs. Just imagine, you get to work knowing you have a busy day ahead. You open your online software to check your calender and notice it isn’t working. You start sweating and pacing around your office when the door opens. In walks your client who you greet with sweaty palms and an empty mind not knowing what to say or do. Awesome. Don’t be this guy—we know you meant to be prepared!
  1. You have a calender on your wall. The best software for lawyers will include an easy-to-use, easy-to-adjust calendar that can even remind you of upcoming events or meetings you have logged.
  1. Your software does not have an app that is available for use. This is a good sign that your software was probably designed before apps were invented! Can we even remember what it was like back then?
  1. Not an all-in-one. Your software does not include tools like Invoice & Billing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Case Management and Time Tracking. These are essential to stay organized and professional.
  1. No support. When you call the support system for help, it sends a busy tone….what now?


Safe and secure

The second thing that the best software for lawyers needs to include is security. As stated above, PracticePanther has the same security as that of an online banking system like Bank of America, Safe Trust, Chase, etc. We include everything that an updated software for lawyers is supposed to have, and more. We also make sure all your information is safe and secure with 256-bit military encription security so you never have to worry. Being up to date, safe, and organized has never been easier.

We’re so glad you came here today. Nothing is more exhilarating than knowing all the work you put into your job is going to stay right where you put it—in the best software for lawyers available to you in this day and age. 

Let your updated software make you the relaxed, up-to-date attorney your client was expecting to walk in and see. This could all be so easy–all you need to do is sign up at to see what the buzz is all about. Try our free trial, no credit card needed.


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