What is the best practice management program for attorneys?


What is the best practice management program for attorneys?

The first questions you might be asking yourself are, “what is a practice management software for attorneys, why do I need one and why would it help me?” Well, I’m happy you asked! If you’re a lawyer or paralegal and have your own solo practice or manage a law firm then pay close attention to what I’m going to tell you in the next few paragraphs as it’s vital to the success of your company.

To begin, a law practice management program for attorneys will help you stay as organized, efficient and productive as possible. Now, imagine a customer calling in that you know nothing about or can’t remember – then imagine you had to search your filing cabinet for thousands of documents that you could have easily looked up with just the click of a button. This is precisely what a software can do for you.


How Most Attorneys Work Today

Sadly, most attorneys go into business without any knowledge of how to run a successful firm. They fail to stay organized, keep track of billable time, and ultimately – collect payments from their customers. Within months, they find themselves closing the doors on their business and giving up on their dream. The reality is that most attorneys use a notepad or Excel spreadsheet to keep track of their clients, tasks, time, and bills. That is not a scalable method of growth for any company that wishes to expand.


What Successful Attorneys and Firms Are Doing Correctly?

Successful attorneys and firms are organized, efficient and most importantly using a practice management software to run their law firms. A CRM software like PracticePanther makes it easy for Lawyers to provide the best client experience possible while staying productive (and saving time).


The features and benefits of a practice management software are endless and some of the features successful law firms are using to stay ahead of the competition are listed below:


  • Time Keeping: Keep track of your billable work with an easy to use stopwatch that can be quickly accessed through your desktop and mobile device.
  • Calendar and Task Manager: Keep track of the immediate tasks at hand and future events with a virtual planner that provides reminders and a daily to-do list.
  • Clients: Keep track of client information, filter them out by status and keep personalized notes to keep you more connected and maximize the client experience.
  • Quotes and Invoices: Create quotes, invoices and manage your billing information with ease.
  • Cases and Matter Sharing: Keep every attorney on the case informed through a case-by-case file sharing system.


Every lawyer and firm, big or small, can benefit from using a practice management program for attorneys. If you’re a relatively new lawyer, we congratulate you on joining the club! We would recommend reading these books which always help, then starting to get organized before your firm grows.


So how do I get started?

Luckily for you, PracticePanther offers a 7 day free trial with no credit card required. You have the freedom to cancel at any-time. It might just be the best 7 days of your career – try it free today.


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