The Best Online Legal Software for Paralegals


The Best Online Legal Software for Paralegals

So, you want to help your law firm become more organized, manage the attorney’s time and billing better, and make your life as a paralegal a whole lot easier? Today you most likely find yourself doing more work then the attorney’s themselves with all the calls, appointments, document scanning, and most importantly – BILLING! Can you imagine what would happen to the firm if you weren’t around anymore? It would probably collapse.


What to look for?

There are many things to look for in an online legal software for paralegals. I’m sure you have many questions as well. Is it going to take up more time then how I’m doing things today? Is it easy to use? Will the attorneys ever figure out how to use it? Will they ever use it? Will this make my life easier as the firm’s main paralegal? Can I finally have the freedom knowing everything is saved online and the attorney’s can check their calendar without having to call, text, and email me every second of the day?! These are all valid concerns and they should be at the forefront of your search.

There is a key to becoming a more organized, well-known, professional and well-rounded paralegal —using an online legal software for paralegals!



With PracticePanther, all of the attorney’s billable time entries, billable expenses, calendar, clients, cases, documents, and invoices will be taken care of all in the same place. No, no, you aren’t dreaming. I’m sure you would love to get rid of that messy pile on your desk. We know it’s there and worst of all – your clients do too. The word part is, you just can’t seem to get rid of it. The pile just gets bigger…and…bigger.  Obviously, you just need a little organizing and some assistance, but with all of these tools that PracticePanther offers you will no longer feel like you can’t reach the best you that you can be.



Mobile friendly

When using an online legal software for paralegals, you can also share select information with clients and other paralegals you are working with to prevent any data inconsistency or data redundancy that may have occurred in the past. Many of the legal practice management programs that are available will allow you to sync with your phone calendars. You can also access any information from anywhere in the world and on any device (as long as you can remember your password!).


Scalable to grow with you

Finding the right online legal software for paralegals can be cumbersome and time consuming depending on the exact size of your firm. The many different sizes of firms range from solo paralegals to the small, mid-sized and large firms out there, so you can only imagine the differences between these firms when it comes to time tracking, the amount of people allowed to access the software, accounting, CRM, contacts, case management and so on. The size of your firm is a crucial part of how to decide which software is the best fit for you. But your best bet is to find a software that is good for all size firms because if you grow as a company you don’t want to have to switch softwares and transfer all of your information.

We hoped this article acted as the revelation you needed, or the little push you thought was necessary to take the next step in becoming a more professional and successful paralegal.

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