Why Using the Best Law Office Software Will Change Your Life



Any independent lawyer or law firm can agree that keeping clients and matters in order can be challenging. You can find yourself struggling to juggle too many tasks and remember so many details that it hinders your productivity. Luckily, unlike in our parents’ time, we have technology to help streamline daily activity and help keep us organized and efficient. Successful lawyers and firms have realized the importance of incorporating law office software into their firms to make their lives and the lives of their partners, paralegals, AND clients easier.


You should manage your law office software, not the other way around

Although technology is a great way of staying organized, it is important to note that all technology isn’t created equal or one size fits all. Many lawyers and firms have recognized the importance of integrating technology into their business model, but some are still failing at integrating technology effectively.


There are two main reasons why these companies are failing at integrating technology:

  • They are not using the proper software- When most think of integrating technology into their business, they think of Excel spreadsheets. Although Excel can be helpful, it can’t sufficiently support a growing business or sizeable firm. Lawyers need a law office software. They need software that is geared toward supporting their unique needs like time tracking and matter management and can scale and grow with them.
  • They are using too many systems – The great news for lawyers is that there are plenty of choices. The bad news is that there are plenty of choices. With all of these options, it becomes hard to find the absolute best law office software for your particular practice. Most programs specialize in one particular need of lawyers and many find themselves subscribing to so many different programs that it ends up becoming more of a mess then when they started.


Why You Need the best CRM law office software

To avoid falling into these traps, lawyers and firms should subscribe to a good software with CRM capabilities. The first question you may have it, “what is a CRM and what does it stand for?”. Great question! CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it essentially helps you manage the relationships with your customers! Imagine your customer calls and you know exactly what you spoke about last time because you kept a detailed record of it. Your client will be surprised how much you remember them!

Using a CRM software for lawyers is a powerful way to provide everything a lawyer could want or need in one program. Instead of using a different program for each and every need, combining a CRM software with your legal software will allow you to track your time, manage your calendar, follow up with daily tasks, send invoices, manage projects, and keep all client information organized in one place. These programs make it easier to interact with your clients, share information among staff, keep up with payment, and much more.


With all of the options, how does one make a decision?

Well, the easiest way is to take a tour and free trial of the software you plan on using. Companies like Practice Panther, one of the best-reviewed CRM software programs for lawyers, offers a free 7 day trial (no credit card needed).


Quick recap:

  1. Leave the prehistoric ages and step into the new millennium by integrating technology into your business.
  2. Get what’s right for you and your firm by using software targeted towards lawyers and their needs.
  3. Control your law office software and don’t fall prey to becoming the software juggler.
  4. Cut out the clutter and look into having a CRM software built-in.


Get started now and experience what it’s like to stay organized and have the best CRM law office software. Click here to take a tour, or view pricing here.

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