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How Automation Features Just Made Connecticut’s Attorneys Lives Easier

PracticePanther, the world’s highest-rated law practice management software, recently announced its new member benefit relationship with the Connecticut Bar association. By offering an exclusive discount to all members of the Connecticut Bar, PracticePanther has made it easier than ever for attorneys in the Constitution State to access its world-class automation features and integrations. With this […]

Best Law Firm Accounting and Financial Management Software Features!

A robust practice management software does much more than simply take care of your firm’s administrative tasks. In fact, the best solutions function as law firm accounting and financial management software. A streamlined and well-functioning financial management system begins and ends with the organization of your law firm’s revenue sources – that is, of its […]

Shortcomings to be Wary of in Software Used by Law Firms

As the cloud overtakes the server as the leading hub of practice management software and information storage, firms are presented with multiple options. Each practice management solution promises, with seemingly compelling evidence, to be the best. By outlining the features that set them apart and downplaying the ones that fall below standard, the various software […]

Ways Legal Software Can Optimize Paralegal Calendar Management

Paralegals must perform an incredibly varied array of tasks. From direct advocacy to administrative responsibilities, the daily accomplishments of a paralegal are crucial to the operations and success of a law firm. Though most practice management solutions outline the countless ways in which they make attorneys’ lives easier, the benefits to paralegals are often overlooked. […]

5 Advantages of Becoming a Criminal Attorney

Whether it’s a financial reward, a noble endeavor, the love of sheer excitement, below are just a few of advantages of becoming a criminal attorney. 1. A Noble Endeavor “Every single day of my life I wake up thrilled that I have the honor of being a criminal defense lawyer.” This from attorney Don Murray […]

How Legal Time Billing Software Should Optimize Your Firm’s Productivity

The law is ever-changing, and it only makes sense that its practice follows suit. With the fluid and versatile nature of the legal profession, it is crucial that attorneys invest in legal time billing software that accommodates the various ways in which they must account and bill for their time. Whether you are shopping for […]

Law Office Management for the Modern Attorney

Few professionals feel first-hand the importance of streamlining internal procedures than the legal entrepreneur. This is because attorneys who run their own firms must shoulder tremendous responsibility on three ends: the responsibility they hold to their clients, the responsibility they hold to their employees, and, of course, the responsibilities they hold to their firm itself. […]

Lawyers Texting Clients: the Pros and Cons

The avenues available for attorneys to communicate with their client become more numerous with each passing day. The constant stream of technological developments introduced to the legal field daily makes these exchanges increasingly easy. With this increased ease of communication comes a decrease in the formality of attorney-client relations. After all, conversations that once could […]

Optimal Law Office Practice Management Software Isn’t Hard to Find

Nowadays, it seems as though the best-crafted practice management software solutions have such powerful functionality that they all but render in-person office time obsolete. Though working remotely is not necessarily the primary objective of every legal professional, choosing a law office practice management software with the ability to enable this is a great rule of […]