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Best Law Firm Accounting and Financial Management Software Features!

A robust practice management software does much more than simply take care of your firm’s administrative tasks. In fact, the best solutions function as law firm accounting and financial management software. A streamlined and well-functioning financial management system begins and ends with the organization of your law firm’s revenue sources – that is, of its […]

Shortcomings to be Wary of in Software Used by Law Firms

As the cloud overtakes the server as the leading hub of practice management software and information storage, firms are presented with multiple options. Each practice management solution promises, with seemingly compelling evidence, to be the best. By outlining the features that set them apart and downplaying the ones that fall below standard, the various software […]

Is Your Legal Calendar and Docketing Software Worth its Salt?

Time is an attorney’s most valuable form of currency; though it can certainly be wasted, it cannot be exchanged or returned, and must thus be leveraged wisely. Luckily, there is no shortage of technological tools available to legal professionals determined to make the most of their time. Among the most valuable are your firm’s legal […]

How to Find the Best Immigration Software for Attorneys

Immigration attorneys work in a field that is characterized by time-sensitivity and high stakes. Every document, deadline, and second counts, and advocating on behalf of clients – often while working against obstacles like distance, language barriers, and unfavorable legislation – is a formidable task. For these reasons, immigration software for attorneys must make the process […]

How Failure in Calendaring Court Deadlines Can Impact Your Firm!

Adherence to deadlines is a crucial factor in a law firm’s success or failure; missed deadlines are the most common reason cited for malpractice claims against attorneys. Numerous law firms have staff members dedicated to manually entering court rule-based deadlines. However, this leaves law firms susceptible to both human error and costliness. Practice management software […]

How Your Legal Software Should Harness QuickBooks

Attorneys are advocates by trade, and fighting for the rights of their clients is a noble endeavor that, due to its importance, can occasionally allow administrative tasks to fall by the wayside. Though some of these menial to-dos can go days, or even weeks, untouched with minimal ramifications, others cannot. Firm-wide accounting is as tricky […]