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The Family Law Software for Mac Users That Blends Form and Function

MacBooks provide an intersection of both aesthetic appeal and state-of-the-art performance that appeals to legal professionals across practice areas. Those who practice family law often engage with their clients during a life-changing transition or development, and the software to which they entrust their workload must sacrifice neither form nor function. The best family law software […]

Why a Client Portal Can Make or Break Your Legal Software

Every law firm is different. Each one has specific needs, operations, and culture. This means that each law firm will value its own set of features in a practice management solution; one firm’s trash can, essentially, be another firm’s treasure. Despite these indubitable differences, there are – of course – features of universal usefulness to […]

Estate Planning Checklists and Sample Documents

There are few tasks more important than estate planning for the elderly and those with significant assets to their name. Financial resources must be taken into account when folks enter their twilight years. Issues like who receives their assets, at what rate, how they can be utilized, and the tax implications are all necessary issues […]

Business Law: How to Become a Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer

The practice of law is a world unto itself, while also requiring an intimate understanding of the world at large and the practice of business within it. Many areas of expertise in the legal profession necessitate a specific set of skills, in addition to those generally accepted of a practicing attorney. With regards to attorneys […]

The Popularity of Online Alternative Dispute Resolutions

While previously every legal dispute was thought to end up in court, thanks to technology, there are alternate routes today with an emphasis on online dispute resolutions. The need for this mode of resolution has risen due to the high litigation costs associated with solving matters in court. To prevent individuals involved in the dispute to […]

Features that Set the Best Bankruptcy Software for Attorneys Apart

With each practice area comes a particular set of needs. The best practice management software both anticipate and address these needs before the absence of a solution is felt by attorneys. When practicing bankruptcy law, legal professionals often interact with clients who are at their most vulnerable, and every case is critical. In this situation, […]

A Consolidated List of Proper Deposition Objections

You’re about to go into your first deposition and your opposing attorney is an “old hand” at lawyering and certainly at participating in depositions. Of course, you’re a bit nervous that the more experienced lawyer will outgun you. You’ve done your research though, so you’re not completely defenseless. One of the things you’ve picked up on […]

The Must-Have Guide to Attending the ABA TECHSHOW Conference

The largest legal tech conference of the year, the ABA TECHSHOW brings together thousands of legal professionals and technology solution providers from around the world. With a stage as diversified – and stakes as high – as that of Chicago’s number-one legal event, making the most of those few days can be an overwhelming feat, […]

A Legal Calendar Automation Guide for the Productive Attorney

The legal profession is rife with deadlines that, when missed, can have devastating ramifications for professionals with even the most spotless records. According to reports released by the ABA, missed deadlines are a leading cause of bar complaints against attorneys throughout the United States. In a legal tech market driven by more legal software options […]

How Invoices Take Billing Software for Law Firms to the Next Level

Invoices are the cornerstone of a firm’s billing process. Not only are they crucial for the obvious purpose of communicating with your clients about expenses they’ve accrued with your firms, but they are also a vital element in your firm’s financial record-keeping. For this reason, an efficient and well-executed invoicing process is among the most […]

The Best Apps for Lawyers Looking to Optimize their Law Practice

With every day ushering in a new “must have” app for every type of person, profession, and situation under the sun, “overwhelming” becomes an understatement. An attorney’s time is not only valuable – it’s precious. Though it presents the possibility of finding the next great option, spending hours sifting through various apps is hardly an […]

Significant Discounts Are Now Offered To Colorado Lawyers

This week, PracticePanther announced its recent inclusion in the Colorado Bar Association’s Member Benefits program. Due to this development, Colorado Lawyers belonging to the Colorado Bar will receive an exclusive discount of 15% off their subscription to the highest-rated practice management software in the world. With the wide array of solutions available to attorneys in […]