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An Overview of the BitTorrent Lawsuits in 2018

File-sharing is nothing new. Napster essentially pioneered a new industry on its platform, which became the flagship for peer-to-peer (P2P) computing. People made their own media available for others across the world to download at no cost to either party. As times change, so does technology, and as Napster slipped into the annals of history, […]

Cybersecurity: Law Firm Data Breach come in Different Forms

Hacking doesn’t just happen to governments in Mission Impossible films anymore. Hackers don’t only focus on getting passwords and credit card information from unsuspecting consumers online either. Law firms are big business in the hacking world now, too. According to the American Bar Association, one out of every four law firms is a victim of […]

Apple FaceTime Bug Suits: Attorney-Client Privilege Breach and More

Apple is no stranger to major lawsuits and threats of legal action by individuals and companies alike. One of their biggest cases in recent years involved patent infringement and a different technology giant, Samsung. Recently, Apple has come under siege for yet another tech-related concern, but this time there are two suits, and they involve […]

Family Law: Cryptocurrency and Divorce – New Challenges for Attorneys

Divorce is hard. When relationships dissolve and couples split, there are countless opportunities for things to go wrong. Complications abound from start to finish. If there are children involved, it can get especially messy. Apart from the emotional and psychological battlefield, there are nearly always monetary assets to consider as well. In this day and […]

Estate Planning: A Quick Overview of QTIP Trust vs. Marital Trust

Estate planning furnishes several benefits for those individuals with considerable wealth and assets to their name. When done well, it can provide a great opportunity for couples to lower or even get rid of their estate’s tax burden. Further, as the goal is often to continue to provide for their loved ones and help others […]

A Guide to Estate Planning Involving Digital Assets

With the evolution of technology, estate planning has transformed considerably. Earlier, planning for the division of assets after an individual’s demise used to be a straight-forward procedure, today, it is not. This is because like every other aspect of our lives, our assets have also become digital. Cryptocurrency is the most popular and widely used […]

Glossary of Trusts in Florida for Non-Estate Planning Attorneys

The old adage goes, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” The same could not be said of financial beneficiaries. When it comes to estate planning, the more plans, the better. An attorney would be hard pressed to come up with a situation in which establishing a trust turned out to […]