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Are Copyright Laws Outdated? The Challenges of the Digital Age

Copyright laws regarding its nature and utilization were instituted to protect and promote creativity among the American public. In many ways, this is exactly what happens. When an artist, musician, choreographer, film director, visual artist, or any other — make something new, unique, and original, they are entitled to that work of art. This gives […]

Cybersecurity: Understanding Cyber Insurance for Law Firms

It is a commonly held belief among attorneys, and by law firms in general, that cybersecurity and liability risk is insured by legal professional liability (LPL) coverage. Certainly, there is some truth to this assertion, but there is more to digital privacy, cyber attacks, and cyber insurance than LPL is able to cover. Crucially, LPL […]

Cybersecurity: Law Firm Data Breach come in Different Forms

Hacking doesn’t just happen to governments in Mission Impossible films anymore. Hackers don’t only focus on getting passwords and credit card information from unsuspecting consumers online either. Law firms are big business in the hacking world now, too. According to the American Bar Association, one out of every four law firms is a victim of […]

Salaries for First-Year Law Associates in New York City, LA, and Miami

Compensation has long been a primary motivator becoming an attorney. It is well known by now that lawyers tend to make six-figure salaries, many of them right out of the gate. At major “Big Law” firms, first-year law associates can bring in well above $100,000. Just how much is the subject of many a conversation, […]

Legal Ethics: Ethical Principles for Online Dispute Resolution

With an increasing proportion of our lives taking place online, it is not surprising that alternative dispute resolution is quickly becoming an online dispute resolution (ODR). Everything regarding disputes between persons or parties from consumer relationships to disagreement across state lines can now take place online. It is more important than ever for attorneys to […]