How Attorneys Can Design Their Own Mass Email Campaigns


How Attorneys Can Design Their Own Mass Email Campaigns

In this lesson you will learn how to create your very own beautifully designed email campaigns and email templates so you can start building an email list of leads, potential clients, or even of current or past clients, so you can keep your firm on the top of their minds for their next legal matter.

Links discussed in the video:

1. – Find a Mailchimp template.

2. – Find a Mailchimp to PSD designer.

3. – Send your emails and schedule them with “Automation”.

Video Script:

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to create your own beautifully designed email campaigns and email templates so you could start building an email list of leads, potential clients, or even current or past clients where you can continue reminding them of yourself that you exist in some of a really nice, beautiful newsletters, monthly campaigns, whatever you want.


Now, the whole idea behind an email campaign, number 1 is to show that you’re very professional. Number 2 is always to be on top of mind, you have to be on the top of their mind all the time. So if they’re looking for your services, whatever you offer, you always want them to remember that you exist or even to refer other friends to you. Now it’s very simple to create a beautiful email campaign. You’re just going to follow these three to four easy steps.


Step 1 is to go to the website (I’m going to put in the description of this video). This website will basically give you tons of different email campaign templates that you could choose from that already pre-designed and all you have to do is change a few things like images, texts, and that’s pretty much it. Very simple. Now, on that website, you want to look on the template with a mail chimp in it because mail chimp is the name of the company that we’re going to use to send the email campaigns. And they have custom templates already designed for mail chimp. It couldn’t be any easier. Now if you’re wondering, mail chimp does have their own templates but they’re not as good as those professional ones which you can buy for under $10. Once you picked your template that you liked, second step is to actually got to (link is down below) and create your free account. Now what’s the difference between free and paid? The free account, as of today, this video, I believe it gives you 2000 subscribers you can send emails to which is normally more than enough but I recommend the paid account which normally starts around $10 to $15 a month, very minimal. And the reason is they have one amazing feature that you’re going to love and use called Automation, they always change the name but now it’s Automation. So what Automation does is, assuming you build out these 3,4,5 email campaigns, every single time you get a new person’s name or email address, you put them into a list in mail chimp. Once through in that list, Automation automatically sends them the email that you pre-programmed. So once they’re in the list, tomorrow they’re going to get the first email; next week, the second email; in two months from now, the third email. All automated, pretty cool!


Now after you have your template and you have mail chimp account created, now you have to actually get someone to design it, build it and put it into mail chimp for you. So you want to go to website that we love and use a lot, You are going to search for someone that has the skills of PSD to mail chimp. That’s what you’re looking for. PSD is a Photoshop designed file that can convert that Photoshop file to mail chimp for you. So type in the word “PSD to mail chimp” on top and you should find a bunch of different searches. I’m going to do my best and post a link to the designer that we use here in our company and you could use him as well. He’s great and he charges under $30 for every email campaign. But once you have the first one done and designed, you have everything you need to just clone that email template and make the next one by yourself. Very easy. So once you do all that and finally you’ve paid him or her and they have the email campaign template in mail chimp for you. You’ve sent your first email campaign. That’s great! But now you want to clone that template 3,4,5 times and make five different email campaigns, then you’re going to be able to use to send out every month or every other month or whenever you have a big announcement. Use that template to send any time you like in the future. And that’s pretty much it! The whole process shouldn’t take you more than three hours to start doing your first one and after that, it’s all automated. So enjoy and get to work!

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