Attorney Management Software for the 21st Century Jaliz Maldonado

Attorney Management Software for the 21st Century

Attorney Management Software for the 21st Century Jaliz Maldonado

Attorney Management Software

The process of finding the ideal practice management software for your firm must be daunting, particularly with the extent of options available to legal professionals every day. When it comes to finding the best fit for your firm, it’s useful to look for the platforms that offer management tools across an array of areas. Your practice management software should work to streamline your firm’s procedures, your personal workflow, and your interactions with colleagues and employees. In short: the ideal practice management software is designed with attorneys in mind. By functioning as what we’ve dubbed “attorney management software,” practice management solutions streamline practice-wide procedures by working to make the lives of attorneys easier. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Read on for some of the indispensable features to look for as you shop for attorney management software.

Internal Chat Function

Though you have your own cases, there’s no question that, in the grand scheme of a firm’s operations, communication is key. Often, contributions from your paralegals, associates, and colleagues can make or break the extent to which deadlines are met. A practice management solution with a built-in chat functional serves as a hub for efficient, instantaneous collaboration with minimal effort. 

Automated Workflows

With this feature, each time a specific kind of contact or matter is created, a series of events is triggered. This automatically populates deadlines onto your calendar, tasks all of the relevant paralegals and associates with their respective duties, and reminds all of those involved of their upcoming outlines. Essentially, automated workflows outline all of the responsibilities associated with a given contact or matter with the click of a button. This is the pinnacle of legal automation.

Text Reminders

Because attorneys are always on the go, shuffling from one deadline to the next and onward, it is crucial that an attorney management software be every bit as mobile. This is why any practice management solution worth its salt will be set up with text message reminders associated with your important deadlines, delivering your time-sensitive responsibilities quite literally to the palm of your hand. This feature does all of the thinking about administrative calendaring for you, allowing you to go about your day without missing a beat. 

Security Permissions

Of course, with the increased mobility of attorneys and software comes the question of security. After all, just because your software should be able to be accessed anywhere and anytime doesn’t mean it should be accessible to anyone in your firm. Definitely search for a practice management solution that allows firm administrators to establish access restrictions for their personnel. This feature will allow firm leaders to determine which employees are able to access the software, and the information in it, from home, and which individuals are only able to access it while physically at your firm.

Find Your Attorney Management Software

With the wide array of practice management solutions available, it is important that attorneys be equipped with the tools to discern which ones are designed specifically with legal professionals in mind. Practice management software should be geared towards making the lives of those who work in the legal field easier. Armed with these key features as reference points, you’ll find the most attorney-friendly solution on the market in no time.

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Jaliz Maldonado

Jaliz Maldonado

Operations Manager at PracticePanther
Jaliz Maldonado is an eight-year Army Veteran and is currently in graduate school at the University of Miami where she is studying for her MBA. When she's not working at PracticePanther as the Operations Manager or studying, she's hanging out with her English Bulldog named Dumbell, painting, or reading. Jaliz is also strong with the force and belongs to House Slytherin. Make sure to connect with her via Linkedin and follow her on twitter @JalizMaldonado.