PracticePanther Joins South Carolina Bar Association Member Benefits Program

PracticePanther Joins Asian Bar Association of Washington Member Benefits Program

PracticePanther Joins Asian Bar Association of Washington Member Benefits Program

PracticePanther is proud to announce that is has begun a new partnership with the Asian Bar Association of Washington, a legal organization that represents judges, professors, law students, attorneys and other legal professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve and maintain the integrity of their profession. The new partnership will give members of the association a 15% discount on their online case management software provided by PracticePanther.


Founded in Florida, PracticePanther was created and developed by long time friends David Bitton and Ori Tamuz. By taking the problems their wives, who are both attorneys, regularly had with their case management software and designing a new system with a team of professional account managers and programmers, the pair created the most effective online case management software.


With full integrations with a wide range of apps – from PayPal and LawPay to Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange – PracticePanther offers the modern attorney the seamless online experience they need to quickly access files, communicate with colleagues and clients and keep sensitive data private.


PracticePanther CEO, David Bitton, commented on the new partnership recently, explaining:

“We have seen the great work that the Asian Bar Association of Washington does, providing lawyers with the support they need to fulfill their duties to their clients and maintain and promote integrity within their profession. Our new partnership with the association provides a 15% discount for our case management software for all members, making a simpler work experience more accessible than ever.”


Founded in 1987 by a small group of Asian attorneys in the Seattle area, the Asian Bar Association of Washington is now a large organization that offers seminars, resources, events and career opportunities for lawyers of Asian descent.
PracticePanther looks forward to more members of the Asian Bar Association coming on board and enjoying a more seamless online working experience.


PracticePanther is an intuitive legal case management software, giving paralegals and attorneys a wide range of features to aid communication, document management, trust accounting and billing. PracticePanther integrates with Exchange, Outlook, Quickbooks Online, LawPay, Stripe, and a multitude of other online software solutions that define a modern attorney’s workspace. The online system allows attorneys, paralegals and clients to stay up-to-date with case information and news, keep in touch with clients and see real-time developments.


For more information about PracticePanther’s online services, visit:


Learn more about the Asian Bar Association of Washington’s membership benefits here:

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