We can’t believe that ABA TECHSHOW 2022 is right around the corner, taking place in Chicago from March 2-5! We finally get to go back in person to share, with actual humans, everything we’ve been working on, from our home offices, alone. Can you tell we’re pumped to be with you all?! 

A ton has changed since TECHSHOW 2021, and even more since the last in-person event in 2020, so we wanted to put together a primer to get you up to speed on the recent changes at PracticePanther, and some insight into who you’ll be able to meet at our incredible booth, complete with a Nespresso machine and a headshot station. A few of us have grown out our hair in the last two years and are in need of a new profile pic, we’re sure some of you are too. 

We understand you’ll want to catch up with as many people as possible at the show, so treat this as an icebreaker, if you will.  

Nice to meet you, we’re PracticePanther 

PracticePanther is the all-in-one legal practice management solution that helps any law firm run smoother with custom workflows and robust automation. With all the standard features you would expect such as case management, template creation, calendar reminders, and a full CRM — what really sets us apart is what will help set you apart from your competition.   

Accept payments from anywhere with PantherPayments  

It’s not news that legal services can be expensive. Offering multiple payment methods to clients, including online payments with credit card or eCheck, can help ease that payment burden and make your client more comfortable by allowing them to pay in the way that works best for them. In a dispersed and increasingly virtual world, offering online payments also gets you paid faster, 20% faster in fact.  

lawyers can text clients

Stay in touch with built-in texting  

Communication is key in any relationship, and the easiest way to keep in touch these days is through texting. Clients prefer to be texted, but giving out your personal phone number can feel invasive and risky for security reasons. With PracticePanther’s built-in 2-way text messaging, you can use a free business number to text your clients without ever leaving the app. Send messages, pictures, files, and even invoices to collect payment all in one place. 

eSignature is easy with PracticePanther

Never lose track of documents with native eSignature  

Sensing a theme yet? Providing virtual tools is a game-changer for client interaction. With so much time spent on the internet in our personal lives — from shopping on Amazon to paying our bills to streaming movies — humans have come to expect a certain speed and transparency in everything that we do. With our native eSignature, both you and your client will be able to track and sign an unlimited number of documents for electronic signature. 

You’ve met the product, now meet the team 

We’ve certainly melted the ice with those product updates, but we want to get to know you as well! Come say hello at booth #1212 where we will have PracticePanther staff on hand to introduce you to the full suite of tools, and answer any questions you may have about the platform. You can also get your new headshot photo with us for free at booth #506!

We’re eager to meet you in person and share how this product has been able to impact so many attorneys over the years. Here’s who you will have a chance to meet at ABA TECHSHOW 2022!

Sam Alkoubey

Head of Sales

Fun fact: I spent two years living abroad in Israel when I was 17.

Favorite feature of PracticePanther: My favorite feature is our two-way native text messaging because it allows for faster responses and higher open rates of communication.

Brian Gomez

Senior Account Manager 

Fun Fact: I play guitar and have flown on a makeshift flying go-kart in Colombia.

Favorite Feature of PracticePanther: Intake forms because they can be embedded on websites and sent out to clients to automate data entry.

Eytan Haddad

Senior Account Manager

Fun fact: I’m a collegiate wakeboarding national champion and an avid ping pong player.

Favorite feature of PracticePanther: Tagging because you can use them to create and customize any report that you wan

Christian Jarvis

Senior Account Manager

Fun fact: I played semi-pro soccer for Los Rayados de Monterrey in Mexico, and have surfed a 13ft wave.

Favorite feature of PracticePanther: Workflow automation because it can organize your matter flow in a matter of minutes.

We’ll see you at ABA TECHSHOW 2022

ABA TECHSHOW is just a week away and we hope you’re excited for what’s in store. If you’re not already registered to attend, or you want to learn more about TECHSHOW, you can schedule a custom demo below!

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