7 Most promising legal areas for 2017

Types of legal firms

  1. Elder Law

In 2014, there were more than 46.2 million people aged 64 or over, and this number is only increasing. It’s expected, according to the US Administration for Community Living, that there will be as many as 98 million older people. That makes 2017 an ideal time to start operating in the world of Elder Law.


  1. Entertainment Law

Entertainment law is related to intellectual property law, but it focuses specifically on the work of artists, authors and athletes. With more being created for multimedia platforms online, this area of law is booming – and will continue to grow in 2017.


  1. Real Estate Law

With an estimated 10,000 homes being foreclosed every day in the United States, and even more people struggling to make their mortgage payments, real estate law has become a huge industry.

As the economy improves, however, more people will find themselves in a position to purchase buy-to-let properties, which allows the real estate law industry to keep on growing.


  1. Labor Law

Labor law compliances are changing, with companies now having to abide by The Fair Labor Standards Act, the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, and the new ruling from the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These new regulations mean that more people than ever are searching for legal support to ensure their company abides by new regulations. 2017 will be a big year for this area of law.


  1. Bankruptcy Law


Bankruptcy law has remained steady since the 2008 crash, and it continues to be a big earner for small and large law firms alike. Lawyers who can help clients file for bankruptcy, manage foreclosures and close down businesses will have plenty of work throughout the 2017 financial year.


  1. Environmental Law

Environmental regulations have been changing throughout 2016, with the most recent changes occurring in mid-December, relating to the EPA’s final report on the Hydraulic Fracturing Activities on Drinking Water Resources. Other regulations and reports released in December 2016 include pesticide research and nutrient pollution in lakes, and throughout 2017, action will be taken in these areas of environmental concern. Environmental lawyers are sure to benefit from all of these changes.


  1. Civil Litigation

Civil litigators with three or more years of experience are in high demand, and that demand is expected to remain throughout 2017. Companies are looking for new lawyers who can help their firms grow in this field, but companies and individual practitioners can take advantage of this demand by providing these services themselves.



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