5 Power Tips for Dominating Facebook Legal Marketing


Why Facebook?

Facebook is almost a “no-brainer.” It’s free, personalized, targeted, and if your target market is consumers rather than businesses, Facebook is an awesome tool. Your business will have the opportunity to identify itself to your audience in any way you wish! Most of your law firms branding and marketing can usually be attributed to the content posted on your Facebook fan page for your law firm. After figuring out what your key audience would be interested in viewing, there are endless posts you can create! Using humor, while still being informational is a great approach to creating and keeping an audience.

But what do I write about?

  1. Stories of how you helped your clients
  2. Stories of what happens if you DON’T hire a legal professional
  3. Client testimonials (pictures of letters, screenshots of emails, video testimonials)
  4. Legal tip of the week
  5. Pictures of your office or the attorneys and paralegals with background stories

Power Tip #1 – Have a contest!

The first marketing strategy that can help attract new customers through friends of friends is having a contest! Simply create a Facebook contest and offer something valuable in return (maybe a free consultation, 20% off, etc…). It not only helps get your current and prospective customers involved, it also increases page activity with the stream of new comments and likes you should be receiving if done properly. Below are some tips to get you started…



Power Tip #2 – Facebook Targeted Ads

Facebook is wildly successful and gaining traction in the online marketing industry because of it’s ability to target advertisements to immaculate laser-pointed accuracy. Consider how much they know about you and your customers and how far their reach is. You can target ads to men, women, people in relationships, married couples, anyone with specific keywords or affiliations, age, location, and MUCH more. Their prices are often rather reasonable as well as you can pay per click or per impression (how many people see your ad). Many people recommend trying this method and spending a few hundred dollars to see how many clicks and conversions it brings to your firm. If it’s working, keep it going. If not, move on to a different strategy.


Power Tip #3 – Boosting a Post (Sponsored Stories)

There are times that you realize a recent post has been wildly successful – garnering tons of clicks, shares, and comments. This is the type of post you want to boost to get even more attention as you seemed to have gotten lucky with a successful post (and you want to capitalize on that luck). Boosting a post is fairly simple. Click on “Boost” on the bottom right when creating it, or click on the arrow at the top of the post and select “Boost”. What this done is allow you to pay $5 for example, and get thousands of more people to see your posts. In recent months, Facebook has greatly limited the amount of people that see each of your posts. Only about 2-3% of your fans will actually see your posts these days. By boosting, you can increase your reach to more of your fans, and their friends as well.


Power Tip #4 – Using Facebook Ads Manager

After you boost a post, go to your Facebook Ads manager (on the top right) and try removing the ad targeting friends of friends, since you only care about YOUR customers at this moment to get the most exposure for your money. A $5 boost will go a long way to reaching all of your customers as Facebook only shows your post to 2% of your fans if you don’t boost it.


Power Tip #5 – Facebook Open graph

Facebook launched its Open Graph API in recent years and with the new API comes plug-ins that you can easily drop into your website. For instance, the like button, recommendations, login button, activity feed, friends who like your page, and more. This allows you to make your website more socially friendly and show that you’re part of the modern new social world. I would recommend using most of these on your website’s blog (you do have a blog I hope, right?). Usually you will find all the plugins and widgets on the right sidebar of the blog as well as Facebook like or share links embedded at the top or bottom of each blog post.


BONUS Power Tip #6 – Using Hootsuite.com to automate Facebook marketing

I know I know, I said 5 power tips, but I had to throw this 6th one in as a bonus. Creating numerous posts every day or week seems tedious, time consuming, and often exhausting. And it sure can be. When you get in the zone to start creating posts, your creativity is unleashed and you can hopefully churn out tons of good content within an hour. Using a website like http://hootsuite.com allows you to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and more all in one shot. Give their free version a try. At this moment it lets you post on 3 social networks for free.


Have any other power tips you want to share with the legal community? Have any of these worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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Sabrina Peixoto

Sabrina Peixoto