3 Mistakes Attorneys MUST Avoid For Their Law Firm Website


3 Mistakes Attorneys MUST Avoid For Their Law Firm Website

In this lesson, you will learn the 3 things you are doing wrong on your site today and how you can fix them instantly in under 1 hour.

Links discussed in the video:

1.   Steve Krug – Don’t Make Me Think

2.   CrazyEgg.com – See what your visitors are clicking on.

3.   HotJar.com – Heatmaps, surveys, polls, and more.

Video Script:

Today I’m going to teach you the three things you are doing wrong on your website and how you could fix them instantly in under one hour.


The first thing deals with something called SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. What that basically means is that your website is not optimized for Google to help other people find you. So we want to make sure that as many people can find your website as possible, and then you can get ranked higher in the local search rankings. So, the first thing is with regards to your Home page, the actual title of your site. When you open your website, what does it say at the top browser bar? What is the title of your site? If I’m a personal injury attorney, for example and my name is David Bitton, Does it just say “David Bitton Law Personal Injury Attorney? Is that all it says? The easiest and quickest fix you can do is to change that title to “David Bitton Law Personal Injury Attorney in Miami Florida”. Just adding my location will give me huge rank in the local organic search results in Google which means that if someone is searching for a personal injury attorney in Miami Florida, I’m much more likely to ranked higher for those results. That’s a super easy 10-second fix. Now along with those same lines, you want to add the same exact title on the Home page of your site in as big of a font as possible. It’s actually called the H1 font, if you have any web developer. If you don’t, you can do it yourself, just make it as big as possible on the Home page to say “Personal Injury Attorney” with your location “in Miami Florida”. Add that also on the top of the site. Now, the last place you should add that is the very bottom of your website which is called the footer. On every single page of your site, you should have your title which should say “Personal Injury Attorney in Miami Florida”, and your phone number and your email address. So that’s the second thing as well.


The next thing I want to talk about is, there’s a really great book called “Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug” which basically teaches you that when you’re a user/a lead/a potential client comes to your website, what are they supposed to do next? What’s the very next step you want them to make? So a lot of times we come to this lawyer website, you see so many different buttons that you’re not really sure now where to go. So there’s really one thing that’s very important called the CTA which stands for Call-To-Action. Basically, when someone comes to your site there should only be one, maybe two options for what you want them to take next. For example, Learn More, Call Us Now, you know, Watch the Videos, See our Services that we offer, whatever it is, you need to make it very clear. Right away, what’s the next step you want me to take? Now, what I really suggest you to do, is get a sheet of paper and just kind of draw some arrows. So do you like Home page, when they come to your Home page, what you want them to do next? Go to Watch My Videos. After that what do you want them to do next? Click on My Services, what I offer. After that, do you want them to go to the Testimonial page? An then lastly, you always want them to end up on your Contact page to either send you a message, send you an email, chat if you’re live on your website, if you have that, or call you. A very important.


Now, the third biggest tip. The thing that you’re doing wrong on your website today is that every single page should have at the very bottom of the page, another Call-To-Action with what you wanted to do next. So basically, if they’re scrolling down on every page, they’re not really sure of what’s the next step or what they should do next, so tell them what the next step is. Give them a button. Say click here to now do this and now do this. And eventually, you always want to end up on your Contact page again. Along with that, you want to add a contact box. As many contact box as possible to the bottom of your site, normally at the bottom of every page or on the footer of your site which has the link on your email, on your phone number, and your title. Also add, maybe on the right hand side a smaller contact box that will ask for their email address. And that’s probably about it. There’s actually a few studies that show, the shorter amount of information you ask for, the better and the more likely they’re going to submit their information. So if you have a contact box that asks for name, phone number, email address, address of their home, what’s their problem, all these different things. They’re actually less likely to fill it out. So try to keep your contact forms as short as possible.

Alright! That’s it! Good luck!

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