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PracticePanther Joins Hawaii State Bar Association Member Benefits Program

  Miami, FL – June 5, 2018 – PracticePanther is thrilled to join the Hawaii State Bar Association’s Member Benefits program, offering an exclusive discount of 10% for life to all of its members. This discount will make PracticePanther’s incomparably intuitive software and solutions more accessible than ever to legal professionals throughout Hawaii. Along with […]

Don’t Stress It: Maximizing Your Priceless Unbilled Time

There’s no denying that a career in law is accompanied by an array of both rewards and challenges. Among these challenges is the time-consuming nature of a legal profession. In fact, the ABA Journal recently reported that one dedicated attorney, in particular, billed approximately 3,600 hours in 2017 alone. Though an extreme situation, this is […]

Apps That’ll Change Your Legal Billing for the Better

Whether your firm utilizes a practice management software, a more specific legal billing software, or is finding success keeping track of expenses the good old fashioned way, it might benefit from any number of the countless legal billing resources that are available in the brave new cyber-world. We all know that effective client invoicing and […]

PracticePanther Joins the Oregon Bar’s Professional Liability Fund to Provide Exclusive Discounts to Attorneys

Miami, FL – May 16, 2018 – PracticePanther is proud to announce that it has joined forces with the Oregon State Bar Association’s Professional Liability Fund in order to offer its member attorneys a lifelong 15% discount on practice management software, making it easier than ever to maximize law firms’ efficiency. Based in Miami, FL, […]

Lawyer’s Video Guide: 9 Ways to Double Your Productivity In Under 24 Hours

Watch PracticePanther CEO David Bitton and Steve Fretzin go over the many tools available to lawyers on a quest to fully automate their office. David goes over the various tools available to this end, including PracticePanther text message alerts, Nest Cams, smart doorbells, and other awesome products. As David says, first impressions are key–and these […]

Lawyer’s Video Guide: Never Get a Malpractice Suit Again By Automating Your Deadline Calculations

According to a survey conducted by the ABA over a period of 20 years, missed deadlines are the #1 reason for malpractice suits against lawyers. If malpractice suits are a lawyer’s nightmare, then PracticePanther is the ultimate dreamcatcher. Watch David Bitton, CEO of PracticePanther, sit down with Steve Fretzin to discuss the software’s automated deadline calculations, […]

PracticePanther’s New Gmail Add-On Changes the Automation Game

PracticePanther is thrilled to take this opportunity to describe one of our most exciting solutions on the quest to maximize efficiency for law firms everywhere: the Gmail add-on. This add-on to our software is much more than a simple email integration; instead of working around your software to organize your email (or vice-versa), use each […]

Lawyer’s Video Guide: An Automated Client Intake Workflow

Check out this conversation between Steve Fretzin and David Bitton, during which the PracticePanther CEO is given the (very difficult!) task of narrowing down all of the software’s awesome features into a short-list of the most exciting. Be sure to watch to watch David describe PracticePanther’s incomparable features meant to help lawyers in going paperless, […]

PracticePanther and Tali Announce Integration Partnership

Miami, FL – April 17, 2018 – PracticePanther and Tali announced today a direct integration between the two platforms to facilitate time tracking, and thus the management of billable time, for attorneys everywhere. The direct integration between PracticePanther’s practice management software and Tali’s hands-free time tracking serves to minimize any time wasted by lawyers on […]

Lawyer’s Video Guide: Creating an Automated Smart Office

How to build a smart office on a budget, and impress your clients in the process. David Bitton, CEO of PracticePanther, and Steve Fretzin sat down to address the massive challenge to time management that attorneys everywhere face. Sharing wisdom from both research and practical experience, David gave Steve (and you!) a wealth of tips […]