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Features Abound in PracticePanther’s Massive Update

The law is both fluid and flexible, and attorneys must master its ceaseless iterations in order to remain at the top of their game. It follows, then, that the software used by attorneys to streamline and automate their practices remain even farther ahead of the game. Law practice management software cannot remain either stagnant or […]

PracticePanther Announces New Flat Fee Billing Feature

Miami, FL – August 2018 – As part of their efforts to simultaneously simplify procedures and expand options for legal billing all over the world, PracticePanther announced today a new flat fee billing feature. This feature allows attorneys to log individual or multiple flat fee services on their cases and bill for them afterward. This […]

PracticePanther and Lawmatics Announce Integration Partnership

Miami, FL – July 2018 – PracticePanther and Lawmatics announced today a direct integration between the two platforms to maximize the efficiency with which attorneys keep track of their leads, establish and maintain communication with incoming clients, and ensure that their firms remain top-of-mind to prospective and present clients. The direct integration between PracticePanther’s practice […]

PracticePanther’s Lawmatics Integration Automates Every Step of a Law Firm’s Client Relationships

PracticePanther has recently announced its integration with Lawmatics, a CRM, marketing, and intake software made specifically for legal professionals. The integration between these two platforms will forge an unprecedentedly strong process by which attorneys can establish, optimize, and maintain their firms’ client relationships. By combining our state of the art practice management features with the […]

How Custom Invoice Templates Can Revamp Your Firm’s Billing

The law, along with the practice of it, is fluid and ever-changing, and so it follows that the tools harnessed by a legal professional in their work be just as versatile. This means that legal automation tools must work to be as forward-thinking as possible, striving not just to adapt, but to anticipate what will […]

PracticePanther Releases Major Billing Update with Multiple Custom Invoice Template Generation Feature

Miami, FL – August 2018 – In their continuous quest to automate the practice of law and make attorneys’ lives easier all over the world, PracticePanther has released a brand-new update to its sophisticated billing process: the ability for its users to create multiple customized invoice templates. This feature parallels PracticePanther’s commitment to versatility in […]

Law Firm of the Week: Saidi Law Corporation

Firm Details: Firm Name & Slogan: Saidi Law Corporation – Competitive, Comprehensive, & Clear Legal Services Location: Vancouver, Canada What does your firm do? We are a Vancouver-based law firm offering bespoke legal services ranging from general legal advice to incorporation services and entertainment law services. We offer competitive pricing, comprehensive services, and clarity in resolving legal issues. […]

Law Firm of the Week: Garfinkel Immigration Law, LLC

Firm Details: Firm Name & Slogan: Garfinkel Immigration Law, LLC Location: Bethesda, MD What does your firm do? Garfinkel Immigration helps clients prevent and solve their immigration issues. We serve clients on immigration cases concerning employment, family, naturalization, and asylum. We’ve done permanent and temporary visas for clients worldwide. We aim to apply the depth and […]

Law Firm of the Week: Tickner McCliman, APC

      Firm Details: Firm Name & Slogan:  Tickner McCliman, APC Location: Rancho Santa Margarita, California What does your firm do? Tickner McCliman, APC provides litigation and counseling services for intellectual property, employment, defamation, trade secrets, HOA and property management, toxic tort and environmental, and landlord-tenant matters. The breadth of our attorneys’ experience enhances our ability to […]

How Case Management Software and Legal Practice Management Software Vary

In the competitive sphere of legal technology, where news apps, platforms, and software become available on a seemingly daily basis, it is crucial for consumers to know exactly what they’re looking for – and exactly what it is they find. The highly saturated market leads to increased pressure on providers to market their products and […]

Why Legal Software Is a Gateway to Revolutionizing Your Firm’s Communication

A significant portion of the conversation surrounding legal practice management software centers on its time-saving capabilities. Of course, it is undeniable that automating your firm will do wonders for its efficiency; this is a tremendous benefit of legal software. However, the unilateral focus on time-saving can do legal software an injustice. The benefits of investing […]