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How to Find the Best Legal Billing Software for Mac Products

With the widely inundated technological market, the options available to attorneys searching for legal billing software are seemingly infinite. The abundance of solutions available may give way to the false impression that all software is capable of performing the same basic tasks: contact and matter management, time tracking, invoicing, and some degree of document management. […]

3 Essentials of Law Firm Client Management Software

Any attorney worth his or her salt is well aware of the importance of client management on a theoretical scale, though it can be difficult to discern exactly where client management ends and advocacy begins. In fact, numerous practice management software allows client management to fall by the wayside, focusing on billable hours and document […]

Cybersecurity Best Practices: My Law Firm is under a Cyberattack! Now What?

Law firm cyberattacks have increased drastically during the last few years. According to the American Bar Association’s 2017 Survey, 22 percent of respondents reported their firm had undergone a breach at some point, which was an increase over the previous year’s 14 percent. The trend has been increasing as hackers understand that law firms hold […]

Law Firm Marketing: Holiday Marketing for Your Law Firm

Today’s holiday marketing plan requires a little more thought than in years past. States are taking a more stringent look at attorney marketing as a whole and specifically to “nonlawyer lead generation services and the entire lawyer-client referral process,” according to the American Bar Association. In addition, there is much more competition among law practices. […]

10 Ways Blockchain Technology Will Change The Legal Industry

Blockchain technology is set to be a transformative force behind changes that are set to take place within the legal industry. Business clients are becoming heavily invested in blockchain; it behooves law firms to get board the blockchain revolution. This technology is set to become as revolutionary as the Internet. It will have a significant […]

Cybersecurity Best Practices: Cyberattacks Against Law Firms

Cyberattacks against law firms have increased over the last few years and it’s going to get more intense. While more law firms than ever are aware of the dangers of attacks and are engaged in securing their law firms, attackers are constantly using more sophisticated techniques to gain access to a firm’s data. Protecting against […]