The 10 Fundamentals of Successful Legal Billing

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The year is going by fast — stay ahead of the game and start automating your law firm’s payments collection. PracticePanther’s native online payments processor, PantherPayments, cuts down on the manual work associated with invoicing and billing to help improve cash flow and reduce errors.

In this webinar, Account Manager, Alex Schwarz, and Payments Specialist, Zach Herrmann, will discuss how PantherPayments can empower your firm to:

  • Save time and eliminate the need for manual data entry with automated invoicing
  • Reduce late payments with payment request links & automated payment plans
  • Boost payment turnaround with customizable digital invoices
  • Ensure accurate invoicing with predetermined rates & fees

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Run Time: 25:54


Zach Herrmann

Payments Specialist @PracticePanther

Zach is a Payments Specialist for PracticePanther and has been with us for 3 years. Originally starting on our Customer Success team, he uses his payments expertise to work one-on-one with firms to maximize their business performance using our built-in payments processor, PantherPayments. 

Alex Schwarz

Account Manager @PracticePanther

Alex is an Account Manager with PracticePanther. He started on our Customer Success team, giving new firms the tools and resources to streamline their processes with our software. He is excited to help even more firms increase their productivity with PracticePanther.

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You're familiar with the ease and flexibility of paying online, why not incorporate it into your practice? Offering a payment option that your clients use on a daily basis and allowing them to safely store their information will prompt them to pay you faster. 

Not only are online payments a great experience for your clients, but you'll gain a new high-level insight into your law firm's financial health that can help you grow your business by allowing you to make more informed decisions. 

It's a win-win. 

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