7 Ways To Rebuild Your Firm After A Natural Disaster

7 Ways To Rebuild Your Firm After A Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are a part of life and can occur anywhere and at any time. While some places are likely to experience the particular phenomenon, you’re never completely free from the threat of a disaster. Following various hurricanes, law firms and other businesses have found themselves displaced and stranded with the daunting task of assessing […]

Some of the Highest Medical Malpractice Settlements in Recent History

Malpractice is a threat that not only hangs over the medical community but also the patients and their families. Below are just a few of the highest medical malpractice settlements in recent history. Johns Hopkins Hospital In 2014, this hospital in Baltimore, Maryland had to pay a settlement of $190 million to 8,000 plaintiffs. This […]

Why the Billable Hour Is Here to Stay

  While you may grind away on files day in and day out through six-minute intervals, tracking the time can prove distracting and burdensome. The billable hour remains the standard method for billing with lawyers, and this has been the standard for decades. Despite the longevity of the billable hour, plenty of lawyers believe they […]

Top Five Reasons Why Every Attorney Should Attend Legal Conferences

    There are several challenges in selecting a legal conference to attend in any given year but that doesn’t mean dump the idea in your trash bin and keep it moving. The reality is that in any given year, there is a multitude of legal conferences throughout the year, in different parts of the […]


PracticePanther Becomes Member Benefit of the Florida Bar

PracticePanther Becomes Member Benefit of the Florida Bar Miami, FL— September 3, 2017 — As part of their continuing obsession with making a legal practice easier to run, PracticePanther is announcing that they have become a member benefit provider for the the Florida Bar Association. The member benefit offered to Florida Bar Association members will […]

To Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey PracticePanther is offering 3 Months Free for Attorneys in the Houston Area

Miami, FL— August 30, 2017 — When news of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey reached us, we at PracticePanther felt an immediate connection with the people of Texas and Louisiana. South Floridians are especially aware of the suffering hurricanes leave in their wake. Many of us still live with the harrowing memories Hurricane Andrew […]