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Everything You Need to Know About E-Discovery

One of my favorite novels is William Gibson’s sci-fi cyberpunk masterpiece, Neuromancer. In the book, hackers “jack-in” to cyberspace (Gibson’s book popularized the term) and explore massive, shining cities of data that represent the Internet. Our world is some time away from Gibson’s vision of hacking. But the massive cities of data he describes are […]


Press Release: PracticePanther Announces Major Accounting Update with New QuickBooks Integration

PracticePanther Announces Major Accounting Update with New QuickBooks Integration   Miami, FL— June 9, 2017 — As part of their continuing obsession with making a legal practice easier to run, PracticePanther is announcing new accounting features to better manage and reconcile your trust and operating accounts. The new updates gives PracticePanther members the ability to […]

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New Accounting Features Released!

You asked, and we delivered! We’re introducing the best integration with QuickBooks Online, the ability to print checks, reconcile your accounts, and see more detailed reports. Now you can spend less time on accounting, and more time making money. P.S. Stay tuned for calendar rules coming soon! 1. Three-way trust account reconciliation. Reconcile your operating […]


Webinar Recap: How to Run a Mac-Based Law Firm with Tom Lambotte

Tom Lambotte, Mac-based legal IT expert for law firms, teaches us how to run a Mac-based law firm and the do’s and don’ts of everything in between. Webinar recorded on June 02, 2017 hosted by David Bitton, CEO at PracticePanther. What you will learn: How to run a secure Mac-based law firm. Learn the 10 Pillars of […]


Get New Leads & Followers on Auto-Pilot – Free Guide and Video

The social media revolution has made connecting with people easier than ever before. This connection, likewise, has made marketing easier if you know how to do it correctly. Advertising on social media platforms like Twitter is an art that requires you to learn several strategies on how to write a Tweet. However, a substantial guide […]