PracticePanther and Tali Announce Integration Partnership

Miami, FL – April 17, 2018 – PracticePanther and Tali announced today a direct integration between the two platforms to facilitate time tracking, and thus the management of billable time, for attorneys everywhere. The direct integration between PracticePanther’s practice management software and Tali’s hands-free time tracking serves to minimize any time wasted by lawyers on […]

Lawyer’s Video Guide: Creating an Automated Smart Office

How to build a smart office on a budget, and impress your clients in the process. David Bitton, CEO of PracticePanther, and Steve Fretzin sat down to address the massive challenge to time management that attorneys everywhere face. Sharing wisdom from both research and practical experience, David gave Steve (and you!) a wealth of tips […]

The Legal Sector Shakes Hand With The Digital Age Jaliz Maldonado

The Legal Sector Shakes Hand With The Digital Age

  The digital age is an exciting time for most of us. Some of us, of course, is a little nervous at the disruptions that new technologies will bring. There comes a time in every 21st-century lawyer’s life, however, when she or he needs to hop on the Hyperloop to the future. Quantum Computing First, […]

Zapier and PracticePanther Open Virtual Doors for Legal Practices Everywhere

Zapier and PracticePanther Open Virtual Doors for Legal Practices Everywhere

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting development for every member of our PracticePanther family: the PracticePanther-Zapier integration. As part of our everlasting endeavor to make our software as easy-to-use and intuitive as possible, we offer all of our subscribers access to Zapier, an extraordinary resource through which PracticePanther integrates with over 1,000 different platforms. The […]

You've Got MailChimp (or You Should)

An Attorney’s Guide to MailChimp

Of the countless tools available to a rising law firm seeking to optimize its marketing strategy, MailChimp is arguably among the most valuable. MailChimp, a platform through which marketers are easily able to automate their email outreach, is the ultimate facilitator of the drip campaign. A drip campaign is a long-term (typically over the course […]

Immigration Plan Holds Multiple Legal Implications

Immigration Plan Holds Multiple Legal Implications

A(nother) New Immigration Plan Late this March, the Trump administration announced a proposed immigration plan to substantially increase the vetting of the social media accounts of individuals applying for immigrant and non-immigrant visas to come into the United States. The plan consisted of requirements for the vast majority of applicants to submit five years’ worth […]

Lawyer's Guide to Understanding The Legal Risks of ICOs

Lawyer’s Guide to Understanding The Legal Risks of ICOs

Where there are profits to be won, lost or stolen, then governments and their rules, regulations, and laws surely follow. So it is with cryptocurrency and ICOs. The first bitcoin appeared on the cyber-scene in 2009 when the anonymous person or group called Satoshi Nakamoto created the first Bitcoin block. Since then, the exchange of […]

Lawyer’s Video Guide: 10 Tools To Automate Your Firm

Learn how to automate your firm using affordable, or even free tools online. As he said himself, our CEO David Bitton is “obsessed” with all things automation! Check out his conversation with Steve Fretzin, during which he shares his wealth of knowledge about the best ways to automate your firm (and life). All of these […]

Referrals ARE The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Referrals ARE The Lawyer’s Ultimate Marketing Tool

For a brand-new or growing law firm, tackling the publicity monster can seem altogether daunting. After all, how does a law firm in its earliest stages not just get awareness of its services out to potential clients, but assure these clients that those legal services are of the highest quality? In an increasingly social media-driven […]